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Learn about our India Summer Program with a brand new webinar!

WorldTeach is excited to announce a webinar about our India Summer Program, departing this June 2018. The webinar will be February 22, at 8pm EST.

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The India Summer Program, departs this June 2018. This webinar will give interested applicants the chance to hear from staff and former participants about their experience in the India Summer program, which seeks to help participants discover how Ladakh is coping with the very real threats of climate change and get an immersive experience living and teaching in India. Learn more about the WorldTeach India Summer program, put on in partnership with Voygr Expeditions.

China Global Leadership Year Program

Apply by April 1st!

Learn Mandarin while serving as a full time teacher in a local school in Hunan Province.  As a China volunteer, you will develop highly-coveted 21st century skills and Chinese cultural expertise while participating in ongoing Chinese language training, making you more competitive in the global marketplace. In return, you will serve as a teacher and role model for high school and middle school students who are facing a highly-competitive educational and employment market themselves.

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This is an experience that is going to change you in ways you didn't know possible.
- WorldTeach Volunteer, American Samoa

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In 1986, I went to Kenya as the first WorldTeach volunteer. My hope was to bridge the gap between what I studied and the realities of life in the field. That's what WorldTeach was and still is today, we give each and every volunteer teacher an opportunity to link theories with reality and find their own way of narrowing the development gap around the world.
- Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies at Harvard University, WorldTeach Founder and Board of Directors President

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