India Summer

Witness Ladakh, a land of tranquility and grandeur at the threshold of the global shifting climate.

Departure: Mid-June 2019

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

Volunteer Commitment: $4,290

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Our Summer Program in India

8 Weeks (June – August) | Homestay or Teacher Housing
Teach English and Computer Literacy

Watch the most recent India webinar to learn more about the WorldTeach India Summer program (departing June 2019) and to hear directly from alumni about their experience in Ladakh.

WorldTeach India Summer, in partnership with Voygr Expeditions, is designed to give participants an intimate hands-on educational experience in the effects of climate change. “The program takes place in the Ladakh* region, where the reliance on the glacial waters by Ladakhis and hundreds of millions of people across the Indian Subcontinent and China is especially precarious.. Your first week is spent integrating with an incredible array of individuals whose lives are centered around the environment: climate change experts, wildlife conservationists, native leaders, teachers, and Buddhist monks. You’ll be introduced to local language as well as history and geography of the region. After this initial enriching week, you will then head to the field where you will spend an unforgettable six weeks of teaching and learning.

*Note: Ladakh is mountainous, with an average elevation of around 10,000 feet above sea level. It usually takes 36 hours for an average person’s body to acclimate to the altitude. Those with breathing conditions, heart disease, or asthma should check with their medical practitioner about living at a high-altitude.

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Country Overview

Nestled among the high Himalayas and the might peaks of the Karakoram, Ladakh is in the northernmost part of India. Ladakh’s spectacular landscapes are only bested by the warmth of its people. Tibetan Buddhist monasteries rise dramatically from rocky outcrops. Their colorful fluttering prayer flags spread the message of peace across the spectacular mountains in this old Buddhist-Muslim kingdom that straddles the high Himalayas and the mighty Karakoram ranges. While the landscape of Ladakh is harsh and high, the people are contrastingly warm and welcoming. The rich history of this beautiful region comes alive as you explore aspects of Tibetan Buddhism and the old Silk Road. All the while, don’t forget that the geopolitics of three distinct nations — India, China and Pakistan – are vying against each other in the high passes of this modern world place. Come learn about how the Ladakh people are coping with the devastating threats of climate change, while you get an immersive experience in working with people who are trying to balance their traditions of self-sufficiency while embracing modernity.

Your Role

The people of Ladakh need connection to the broader global community in order to share both their culture and their plight. You will serve in semi-rural Ladakh by providing students and teachers with English language instruction. For those schools that have access to computers, you will work in a dual capacity, providing some English as well as some computer literacy instruction. Placements will span grade levels from elementary to high school.

During Orientation, you are provided with manuals for teaching both English and life skills, serving as your lesson planning guides over the course of your service. Depending upon the needs of the school and your skills, you may teach some classes in addition to English or computer literacy; for example, math, art, or music.

Placement & Housing

Placements in Ladakh vary by setting. You may be placed at a school in a semi-rural area, where a local family will be your host, in a school in Leh with housing facilities for teachers, or a monastic school where you may live among monks or nuns at a thousand-year-old monastery. Schools will help us identify host families within their networks where applicable. WorldTeach Alumni recall their host family as one of the highlights of their programs. We anticipate that you are placed in pairs at host schools for support and safety reasons.

Explore Ladakh

Once you complete your volunteer service, you’ll get to explore the stunning beauty of Ladakh with your cohort of WorldTeach volunteers. You’ll visit the beautiful high-altitude lake of Tso Moriri on the camping trip of a lifetime, and explore Hemis National Park, home to the Himalayan Snow Leopard. Trekking through the mountains, see if you can spot some Himalayan Ibexes, blue sheep, or the friendly marmots that live on the slopes. Bring closure to the experience, as this serves as our group’s End-of-Service Conference. This bonding experience will allow all of you to reflect upon your summer of service in India and your personal journeys of discovery across Ladakh and beyond.


Your contribution to the India Summer program of $4,990 goes towards:
  • Housing
  • Comprehensive orientation, mid-service, and end of service training conferences
  • Planned excursions during program
  • 24-hour in-country field staff support
  • Pre-departure preparation and visa assistance if necessary
  • Supplemental overseas travel medical insurance
  • Alumni services and networking

International travel to and from the program is the responsibility of the participant.

Participants are able to successfully fundraise all or a significant portion of their program expenses. Please refer to our fundraising page for more information about fundraising possibilities.


Volunteers in the India Summer program must:


  • Be a native-level English speaker
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 74
  • Be flexible, open-minded, and patient
  • Have a genuine interest in teaching and effects of climate change