Global Educators Exchange Summer

Seeking to promote mutual understanding among teachers, their schools, and communities.

Departure: Early July 2019

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

Program Fee: $4,995

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Our Summer of Teacher Professional Development

4 Weeks (July) | 
Host Family or Shared Teacher Housing
Build global competence
Share best educational practices across borders
Create an international network of colleagues

In partnership with a host of domestic and international educational institutions, we aim to provide American teachers the opportunity to learn from and share with each other in the context of international service. You will be able to have meaningful discussions around pedagogy and methodology, gain cross-cultural perspectives about education and challenges, and put expertise into practice with teachers and students in international learning environments. This promises to be a meaningful experience for all involved where teachers can transfer their newly acquired skills back to their respective classrooms at home.

Placement Overview

In the Global Educators Exchange, you are able to choose to serve in one of the following locations.


Kenya is one of the major economic hubs in Africa, considered to be the power hub of East and Central Africa.  From the scenic sandy beaches at the coast, to the Nairobi National Park (the only one in a capital city in the world), to the majestic Rift Valley, the bird life in Lake Naivasha, the hot boiling springs of Lake Baringo, Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria, Kenya is a very beautiful country with lots of wildlife and scenic features. Although made up of many diverse ethnic groups and tribes, Kenyans have a strong sense of national pride and are usually open, talkative and friendly.

In Nairobi, you can contribute to the following roles:

  • Collaborating with local teachers to build curriculum and share best practices.
  • Working on projects in high-need urban and resettlement areas involving literacy and physical renovation of learning environments.
  • Assisting with processes around child protection and poverty.


Famously called the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill, Uganda is home to one of the most diverse and concentrated ranges of African fauna including the highly endangered mountain gorilla and the endangered common chimpanzee. It is accessible and affordable, but not up to the high tourism standards of more mature destinations. This gives it more edge, more authenticity and less predictability. This does not necessarily mean danger, rather greater opportunities for delight — and frustration. The urban bustle of Kampala bursting at the seams then gives way to lush subsistence farming and small villages. Roads are rough, people are friendly, everything seems to have a smell all its own, and not everything moves according to schedule or to plan.

In Kampala, you can contribute to the following roles:

  • Collaborating with local teachers to build curriculum and share best practices.
  • Working on projects in high-need urban and resettlement areas involving literacy and physical renovation of learning environments.
  • Assisting with processes around child protection and poverty.


Mexico evokes both a sense of familiarity as it does a sense of mystery. Many of us are already acquainted with aspects of Mexican culture: its food, holidays, and language are but a few of those familiarities, though not always in their most authentic forms. These cultural samplings only skim the surface of what Mexico has to offer; a country rich with history, tradition, and a vibrant way of life that spans from the pre-Hispanic Aztecs and Mayans to its colonial cities of today. You have the opportunity to experience this first-hand in Puebla City.

In Puebla City*, you can contribute to the following roles:

  • Collaborating and sharing best practices with local teachers-in-training at an escuela normal (teacher training school)
  • Developing strategies, activities, and frameworks for English-Spanish language acquisition
  • Helping to build pedagogical skills for English learning and teaching

*Requires the WorldTeach TEFL Certification prior to the start of the program, if not already TEFL or TESOL certified. Certification fee is included in GEE program fee.


Content is focused: We concentrate on curriculum development and pedagogy that examines the role of culture in both the teachers’ and students’ learning environment using Empowering Students to Improve the World In Sixty Lessons written by Professor Fernando Reimers (Harvard Graduate School of Education)​.​

Supports collaboration: GEE creates space for you to share ideas and collaborate in your learning

Offers constructive reflection and feedback: This reflection feedback-loop enables you to thoughtfully move towards improving your practice

Creates an international network: Establishes a global community of educators

Incorporates active learning: We move away from traditional learning models and environments

Incorporates effective pedagogy: Facing History and Ourselves provides a clear vision of what best practices look like

Sustained duration: GEE provides you with an immersive experience with time and space to engage and reflect


  • Increase cultural knowledge and sensibilities
  • Work with English Language Learners (ELL) content
  • Teach across cultures
  • Learn best practices in teaching
  • Reflect about effective pedagogy in the country they are studying and implications for their own work back home
  • Build strong relationships that allow for enhanced and critical collaboration, communication, and cooperation
  • Share knowledge and experience with your students and peers
  • Gain a unique international education experience
  • Expand student outcomes. When teachers learn, their students learn, too. Teachers who are inspired by international colleagues and energized by their own learning will make a difference in the classroom
  • Boost teachers’ job satisfaction
  • Increase retention by offering an innovative international professional development program
  • Pride among the teaching community
  • Build a positive image/reputation of your school
  • Create a cycle of learning at your school

Participants can choose from a number of professional development opportunities within the program.

Professional Development Points

We are partnering with Primary Source, an organization dedicated to advancing global and cultural learning in schools, so you will be able to use and adapt the rich content of its Building Blocks for Global Learning course to your classrooms along with your first-hand experience in our program. In addition, you can earn 10 Professional Development Points (PDPs)* by completing the entire set.

WorldTeach TEFL Certification

Teachers can elect to earn their Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification through the WorldTeach TEFL Certification program accredited by ACCREDITAT as part of the program. Participants in the Mexico placement are required to earn this certification before the start of the program if they are not TEFL/TESOL certified already.

Benefits with the International Education and Resource Network

iEARN-USA is a network aimed to empower educators, young people and their communities through global collaboration and transformative learning.  The first 15 GEE participants to apply for membership with iEARN-USA will receive a year membership free for the network and its resources.

Graduate Credits

By successfully completing the Global Educators Exchange, teachers are eligible to acquire graduate credits from Bridgewater State University at the following exclusive discounted rates.

  • 3 graduate credits          $200          (valued at $1,500)
  • 6 graduate credits          $400          (valued at $3,000)


You are provided in-country housing by our partner institutions during your time in the Global Educators Exchange summer program. Accommodation type will vary depending on the country and location ranging from host family to shared teacher housing. You will be immersed right into the local community! Each placement also provides at least two meals per day during the work week for the full duration of the program and will likely consist mostly of local cuisine. Your home will be a reasonable distance from the placement site and you would either take public transportation, walk, or ride with other visiting and local teachers each day.


Program fee: $3,895. This amount includes:

    • In-country housing
    • Half board 
    • Orientation, pre-service and post-service conferences
    • Building Blocks for Global Learning course with Primary Source (Earn 10 PDPs with completion*)
    • WorldTeach TEFL Certification (required for Mexico locations, optional for Africa locations)
    • Up to $500 reimbursement for international travel to program
    • International travel medical insurance
    • Pre-departure preparation and visa assistance if necessary
    • Ongoing support from WorldTeach

*based on Massachusetts DESE standards and on 10 professional development hours


See here for a list of grants for teachers that can help fund professional development opportunities.
The National Educators Association offers opportunities for Foundation grants and member benefits include travel grants.
School districts also offer professional development funds, which varies with and among localities.


Participants in the program must:

  • Be a native-level English speaker
  • Hold any one of the following qualifications:
    • Valid teaching license/certificate from a U.S. state or U.S. territory
    • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in education-related field
    • At least two years experience in teaching or administrative role in an accredited school/institution
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 74
  • Be highly flexible, mature, and have a genuine interest in collaboration with other world educators

**Pre- and post-service program conferences will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts. All expenses associated with attendance of the conferences are the responsibility of the participant.