For 33 years, WorldTeach has grown as an organization which places a strong emphasis on support throughout our various programs. A large part of that support comes from our dedicated field staff, who understand the local context and help participants adjust to their new environment.

In an effort to always improve, WorldTeach is now facilitating a series professional development workshops designed and run by our own field staff. Check below to get a sneak peek of the mindfulness training Melissa Rossi, our WorldTeach Thailand Field Director, carried out recently.

The Agenda
  1. Sensory Activity
  2. Understanding Mindfulness
  3. Thoughtless Awareness Activity
  4. Adversary of Mindfulness Activity
  5. Discussion
  6. Case Study: Living Abroad
  7. Mindfulness in the Classroom  
  8. Closing
Training Overview

As is the case in many of our workshops, this session started with a warm-up activity to get everyone in the right mindset to begin the training. Led by Melissa, field staff were asked to briefly disconnect from the multitude of responsibilities and tasks they navigate, they focused internally to evaluate how they were feeling using all their senses.

After the warm-up, Melissa went into a brief overview on mindfulness, defining the idea, explaining its benefits and trying to illustrate her points with a short meditative exercise. This was followed by an overview of the adversary of mindfulness, complaining.

This was the end of the informational section of the training and the rest of the time was dedicated to discussion and reflection. First, field staff were divided into groups into separate rooms where they discussed instances of frustration in their life as well as how they dealt with it. It was an opportunity to find mindful solutions to problems as well as to showcase that although the field staff work in various parts of the world, they face similar challenges and can rely on one another for support despite the distance.

Once the divided rooms ended, field staff came together again to discuss a case study about someone abroad who decided they had enough of the experience. The field staff worked together to discuss how mindfulness strategies could be used not only in their own life, but how they could incorporate similar ideas to enrich the overall participant experience.

The session concluded with a final note on how these exercises could also be funneled down to the students we teach. Suggestions and resources were given to incorporate mindfulness into the classroom.

A quick thank you again for all our field staff and especially Melissa; WorldTeach values the care and support our programs offer to participants and that relies heavily on the field staff.

A handful of the presentation slides

“Nothing might work but it will all work out.”

     – WT Thailand Mantra

“Flow like water.”

     – WT Ecuador Mantra

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

     – Napoleon Hill