About Us

WorldTeach strives to offer highly-motivated individuals the opportunity to teach, learn, and grow through contribution to important educational needs of local learners in communities around the globe.



The WorldTeach mission is two-fold:

We partner with local entities to amplify their efforts in empowering their constituents. Over 7,000 WorldTeach volunteers have provided 12 million hours of service to meet the need of the world’s learners. By fostering relationships with local partner entities, our volunteers are supported not only by the efforts of WorldTeach, but also by the countries that they serve. Our partners contribute to the volunteer experience financially and in support as an acknowledgement of the urgent work that WorldTeach shares with their communities.

We recruit, prepare and support effective teachers for the international classroom. We seek those who are dedicated to engaging students in purposeful learning regardless of prior teaching experience. Our comprehensive training during orientation, and teaching support during service provide a platform for participant teachers to have a successful WorldTeach experience. Our alum return from the field with sophisticated and nuanced understanding of international issues and a firmer membership in the broader international community.

WorldTeach Theory of Change

The path to greater global citizenship


WorldTeach envisions a better world through responsible global citizenship.


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