This week WorldTeach is able to share a letter from Laura Gittleman sent to her former professors. Laura is a Bridgewater State graduate from Connecticut working with WorldTeach at the Marshall Islands High School on Majuro, the capital of the RMI. She teaches ninth grade English Reading to a group of energetic students who often enjoy singing and playing games in the classroom, in addition to reading fun stories in class.

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Images of the Marshall Islands at dawn as well as a photo of Laura with some of her students. 

Hi Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Battaglino!
Everything here is going well!! I am all settled in, and I’m definitely having a great experience. The people I’m working with are so nice and so helpful, and I’m learning a lot from them!
I have four ninth grade English Reading classes, and my students are eager to learn, and they have been teaching me a few Marshallese words here and there. Classroom management is a little tricky, because they have a lot of energy, but I’ve been learning different ways to get students to settle down and listen. They are very fun and we’re learning a lot from each other!
As for the Marshall Islands, I absolutely love it here. It’s constantly around eighty degrees or so, and there is usually a nice breeze outside. You can see the water wherever you go, whether it’s the lagoon or the ocean. The people here are also very nice, and I’ve been enjoying getting to know the community and the different kinds of educators on the island. I have met professors from the College of the Marshall Islands, as well as teachers, principals, and vice principals from the Co-op and Catholic schools on the island. They have already taught me many useful things, and I have been enjoying getting to know more about the different people who live and teach here.
I have definitely been enjoying working with WorldTeach and everyone in my cohort, as well as my Field Director. It’s been a really wonderful experience so far, and I’m very grateful to have this opportunity! I am living in the WorldTeach dorm on campus with three other volunteers. We all get along well, and I have been enjoying getting to know them.
Here are a few pictures of my experience so far. The first is from a weekend trip to a small island called Eneko, and the others are from the island I am currently on, Majuro. And I am including a picture of myself and a few of my students from when we had downtime during Education Week.
My apologies for the lengthy email, but hopefully you have a good idea of how things are going here in the RMI!
I am very grateful to you both and to BSU for giving me this opportunity, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to come and visit!
All the best,
Laura Gittleman