by: Shierly Mondianti

WorldTeach has attracted many budding singers, musicians, swimmers, divers, techies and builders, among others. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, and their experiences and hobbies add value to the students they teach and the communities that they serve abroad.

I will proudly say that our volunteer teachers are probably one of the most motivated, ambitious and talented people out there. You would think that after a long day of teaching that our volunteers would want to simply rest and relax in the comfort of their home. Well, not WorldTeach’s volunteers!

Jess Medeiros (China’14), is a great example of someone who really immersed herself with the local culture. During her spare time in China, Jess would post YouTube videos of herself, where she covered classic/popular Chinese songs.

The YouTube videos that Jess produce, feature her singing and dancing in various outfits and backgrounds. Occasionally, Jess would enlist the help of other WorldTeach volunteers and they would create dynamic and entertaining videos through song and dance.

It is almost a month since Jess got back from her year in China, but gosh, we at the office are still blown away by Jess’s and the other China volunteers’ talent!

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