WorldTeach is thrilled to share an article on strategies to address menstruation taboos recently published by Ganga Ram Gautam, the WorldTeach Nepal Summer Program Coordinator.  Read his article, published on the Brookings Institute blog, at the following link:

3 Strategies to Address Menstruation Taboos for Girls in Nepal

Ganga is an Associate Professor at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu and Brookings Institute 2016 Echidna Scholar, and runs the WorldTeach summer program in Nepal. The Nepal Girls Education Research program is an eight-week experience in conducting community research concerning key barriers in girls’ education, in particular menstruation taboos and management of menstruation in schools. It is aimed at demystifying menstruation and boosting skills, knowledge, empowerment and school retention among adolescent girls. The Nepal Summer program offers the unique opportunity for volunteers to learn a collaborative approach to conducting research in partnership with the local population in the rural and semi-rural communities in different districts across Nepal.

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