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WorldTeach programs are a wise investment; its dividends ripple throughout your lifetime. We have the infrastructure and experience to be responsive to your needs. Scroll down to learn more about how we can support you.

Preparing to Serve

Accepted applicants are welcomed by a dedicated Program Director for their respective country.The Program Director serves as a resource as you prepare for service abroad by providing pertinent information to start setting you up for arrival and success.

Volunteers are provided with exclusive literature and documents about their host country. To become familiar with your host country and WorldTeach’s work there before you depart, we provide you with carefully prepared literature, including photos, anecdotes and quotes from previous volunteers, for you to read and study as well as links to reliable and relevant resources.

WorldTeach provides support for volunteers as they seek appropriate visa and work permits. Obtaining the necessary visa and work permits for your host country is vital, but it can also be a frustrating and confusing task. WorldTeach’s US and in-country staff will remove as much of this burden as possible in support of your efforts. If you hold a US Passport, we handle sponsorship of all the required visa and work permits for you and take care of the bureaucratic red tape. Volunteers who do not hold a US Passport may need to do this on their own, working with the country that has issued their passport.

Our cohort-model approach provides further support through peer-connections and sharing. Each of our programs has just one start date, providing you with a cohort of fellow volunteers who will start and end their programs with you at the same time. Having others go through training with you and experience similar emotions and happenings throughout the program provides an instant network of people with whom to relate and share your individual experiences.

Personal Support While Abroad

WorldTeach provides each volunteer with supplemental international travel medical insurance. While we fully expect for you to have a safe and healthy experience, emergencies do arise and we have the resources to facilitate your care in such a case.

WorldTeach arranges housing for volunteers. Through the support of our in-country partners, we provide housing for our volunteers. Depending on program, housing ranges from host families to apartments to teacher housing on school campuses. Each housing situation is visited and vetted by our in-country staff, who evaluate for safety and appropriateness.

WorldTeach Year Volunteers receive a modest monthly stipend. The amount varies by country and placement, but it is sufficient for covering your basic needs. We conduct regular evaluations of cost-of-living to ensure that the stipend amount is fair and adequate.

WorldTeach educates volunteers on safety and health protocols before departure and upon arrival. Your safety while traveling abroad is a priority for us. That’s why during Orientation, we provide extensive health and safety training. We also educate you on the emergency response protocol of your country of service, preparing you for a variety of situations.

Regular check-ins provide opportunities to seek and receive personal support. Your field staff will check in with you a few times a month. These check-ins provide the opportunity to discuss any issues that may come up during your service, and proactively initiate strategies to resolve them.

WorldTeach professional Field Staff work to ensure a thoughtful, effective experience. In addition to regular check-ins, Field Staff in your host country are available at all times for emergency support. Field Staff provide logistical support for your experience, as well as valuable insight into the cultural practices and educational systems of your country of service. Check out our field staff appreciation messages from this year’s cohorts!

Professional Support While Abroad

Volunteers attend in-country training conferences three times during their service. Training covers topics such as teaching pedagogy, local and country culture, language, and health & safety.

WorldTeach supports effective teaching through the Teacher Quality Program. We have refined our pedagogical support through our Teacher Quality Program with the goal of providing ongoing professional development for you while you are in service abroad. You will brainstorm lesson plans, assessments and teaching best-practices. You will also strengthen your foundation of educational practice and theory. Most importantly, you will gain inspiration for the frustrating times, while celebrating the victories that make teaching wonderful!

WorldTeach volunteers in all programs have the option of becoming TEFL certified. You can learn more about there here.

WorldTeach volunteers receive a teaching manual and materials to assist with the curriculum. Where possible, we have copies of the nationally established curriculum and have created resources to go along with that curriculum.

Volunteers are visited, observed and given feedback on their teaching. Your field staff will visit you at your school at least one time during your service, excluding extreme or remote conditions.

Ongoing Opportunities After Returning Home

Alumni can earn a professional reference from their field staff

This reference will be based on your commitment and professional conduct throughout your program. You are free to reach out for your reference when applying for jobs, graduate programs, or other opportunities.

The WorldTeach Network of Alumni is over 7,000 strong

At the end of your service, you will have the opportunity to connect with our network of alumni via a LinkedIn Alumni Group and Facebook Alumni groups. With 30 years worth of alum, the network of industries and expertise ranges far and expansive.

We’ll touch base from time to time

We find that alumni enjoy keeping up to date about happenings in the field, and we like to spotlight alumni who are doing interesting things. Check out some of their stories in our blog!

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