Below find a note from the Namibia Field Director Damaris Darling on welcoming a new cohort to Namibia. Our Namibia program departs early January (or very late December) 2018, and we’re accepting applications until November 1st. Finish yours today!

Namibia WorldTeach students and teachers

Welcoming a WorldTeach Namibia Cohort


Welcoming a new cohort of volunteers to Namibia is always an overwhelming feeling for a Field Director. There is excitement to meet these new people who have committed to spending a year in a country you love, integrating into a culture so different, and facing challenges you remember so clearly when you were a volunteer yourself. Then there is apprehension; will they love it like you do? Will they learn the many life lessons you learned? And finally, there is panic; Are you prepared for a month long of training and orientation? Are you going to get their visas in time?

For me, Term One 2018 meant welcoming seven new volunteers to Namibia! It also included welcoming two extending 2017 volunteers back! As they arrived I realized that all of my nerves leading up to those first days of orientation were habitual and that what each volunteer was about to experience would be unique to who they are and why they came. It would be their own.

Orientation began in Windhoek, orienting volunteers with the diversity of the capital city. Windhoek was hot, yet quiet this time of year due to the long holiday, which sends most city dwellers either to the North for family or the Coast for cooler temperatures. After recovering from their jetlag and slowly adjusting to the arid heat, we traveled to the coastal town of Swakopmund to continue training in temperate weather and a laid back atmosphere.

The conclusion of our orientation brought us to the north for a teaching practicum at a primary school in Mayenzere, a rural village in Kavango West Region. It was the perfect setting to observe Namibian culture.

Being a WorldTeach Volunteer means embracing the opportunity of being a teacher in this stunning land, growing into your role and flourishing through it, and allowing Namibia to teach you.

-Damaris Darling, Namibia Field Director