Often times, our WorldTeach volunteers take advantage of the opportunity to explore and travel in their country of service. Saskia Kroesen, WorldTeach China volunteer, just posted a blog about her adventure visiting the capital city of Hubei Province: Wuhan. Click below to see beautifully intriguing photos that highlight a variety of things from pig feet to cherry blossoms! To learn more about WorldTeach China, click here: http://bit.ly/22J4AmF

Over the weekend Bev and I visited the capital city of Hubei Province: Wuhan. We were fortunate to stay with an acquaintance who I met through someone in Blacksburg- he was a marine biologist of some sort and has been to Blacksburg many times! They lived in a beautiful, homey apartment with a Western toilet and guest room and everything, it was amazing. The family was so nice and hospitable. They made our agendas for Saturday and Sunday and made sure we got everywhere safe and sound.  Wuhan is a HUGE city- and don’t underestimate my HUGE (8,494 km2(3,279 sq mi) and a population of roughly 10 607 700 CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT) . We only got to see a (very) small part of it, but I think we saw the most beautiful portion. Unfortunately the very famous provincial museum was closed during our visit- which only means we must go back!

Seen in East Lake Park
Someone please tell me what is going on here…
Hubei Provincial Museum was closed (Oh no!) but luckily the Hubei Art Museum right across the street was open- and proved to have some pretty cool art inside.

A mini Chinese city- absolutely perfect.

This was my favorite.

Whatup dude
Wuhan- what a classic modern Chinese city
Yellow Crane Tower (Huang He Lou) is one of China’s most famous towers. 
Unfortunately it’s fame also means a LOT of people.

So China.

I thought this was really cool. What a unique skill to have!
A snack street
Pig feet and stuff

Too many people as usual

Wuhan University cherry blossoms at night

Wuhan Botanical Gardens… such a big complex- and so beautiful

Floating plants hehe

Reppin’ the NL
Merging two nations
hehehe this makes me giggle

Makeshift art stand
Tourists at Wuhan University
Wuhan University Campus

People people everywhere