Enjoy the following blog post from Bernadette Reamer, a current WorldTeach volunteer in the Ecuador Year program. Read more about her adventures from her blog at the following link: https://toledotoquito.com/. Her blog also features cute Ecuadorian puppy videos!


By Bernadette Reamer

We’ve officially been in-country for two months! It feels like yesterday we were just finishing up orientation — and now we’re coming up on our second exam as fully-fledged(ish) teachers.

We’ve moved out of the excitement of the beginning of the semester and are starting to get into the slog of the “regular season” or “ordinary time” depending on what metaphor you prefer. Students who were initially reserved due to shyness/politeness are now getting more comfortable in class and discipline is becoming more of an issue. Specifically, I feel like I age 10 years every time I have to remind someone to put their phone away. I don’t want to be the bad guy, but you think adult professionals would know not to be on their phone in English class. If push comes to shove, I might have to make a phone jail like Ms. Darbus from High School Musical. *shudder*

Anyway, here are the weekly highlights!

  1. Spanish class with Katie and Lindsay at Guyasamin. Luis is a joy to work with 🙂 IMG_0899
  2. Look at this nerdddddd café I found walking in between buildings in between classes IMG_0918IMG_0920
  3. Sometimes I’m really proud of myself for my neat board work (neither of my classes have technology) and I’m happy that I can help my students with their pronunciation (#linguisticsminor) IMG_0925IMG_0943
  4. Aaaaaannnndddd sometimes I’m a little ashamed by what words I end up teaching my students. These are never in the lesson plan, they just come up organically in conversation/discussion.IMG_0922IMG_0941What am I supposed to do, just not mention Antiques Roadshow when one of my students says she wants to appraise antiquities when she’s older?
  5. A little hole-in-the-wall place where Jack, Amalia, and I got dinner.

    The waiter treated us to the national beverage of Ecuador. Of course, it was only after we drank it that he told us it was made with licorice and a chicken leg. That has to be a joke on the foreigners, right? Right?! Well, either way, I think the name Lickileg might catch on.