WorldTeach volunteer Erin Dunnington just spent a year volunteering in Guyana. In her blog she lists her personal top ten things about Port Kaituma, the town she has called home during her time of service. Erin’s number one thing about her Guyana placement is her students; forging bonds with students is the greatest perk of being a WorldTeach volunteer. Read the rest of Erin’s top ten things about Port Kaituma below!


Port Kaituma, Guyana Top Ten:

10. Walking down the street and knowing every other person by name (miners excluded).

9. Music from the ball field that rattles my windows and shakes my bed until 4am on school nights. Party, party, party.

8. Cute children everywhere I turn and mothers who are more than willing to let you hold them for hours on end.

7. Walking through the market and having every other man tell me how beautiful I am. Talk about a self-esteem booster. 😉

6. Taking Saturday boat trips out to the Church of Christ mission compound to play volleyball with my favorite 10th graders.

5. My fellow teachers who are all kind, wonderful, helpful, and full of laughs.




4. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets I get to experience daily.




3. Cooking lessons and gyaffing (which just means chatting) with Safrana.

2. These neighbor boys. Mario, Kurt, Dominic, and Damario. They are brothers and never fail to make me laugh whether they’re jumping in the air for the camera, playing cards, helping us with chores, catching alligators, or – especially in Damario’s case – just being as cute as buttons.




1. My students. From making me laugh every day, to trying to make me feel at home by decorating our classroom with snowflakes for Christmas, these kids have definitely won over my heart.

christmas in port kaituma

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