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"TEFL Certification gives volunteer teachers the unique opportunity to make the most of their trip, gain serious credentials for their careers, and gain knowledge to maximize their impact on students’ learning."

Matthew Williams, EdM
Former WorldTeach Director of Education


Benefits Your Students


Volunteer teachers learn valuable content that will benefit the quality of their lessons


Content of training will assist volunteers to be better prepared for Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Volunteer teachers will learn practical ideas around classroom management

Master Your Craft


Learn more about what it means to teach English as a foreign language


Read about content and best practice in teaching English as a foreign language


Gain access to professional development resources

Earn Credibility


Gain an accredited certification valued by employers


Gain practical experience


Improve your resume


Gain access to a TEFL community through ACCREDITAT

Our Program

Tailored Content

If you are looking to begin a career in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to individuals outside of the United States or just looking to expand your knowledge on teaching English to non-native speakers the optional WorldTeach TEFL Certification is a great start. Accredited by ACCREDITAT, the WorldTeach TEFL Certification is designed to equip volunteer teachers with the knowledge and competencies they need to be more effective in the classroom.

The content of the WorldTeach optional TEFL certification was designed and created by individuals with years of teaching experience around the globe. The content is aligned with WorldTeach standards of best practice and will enhance your understanding of teaching English as a foreign language.

Leading Certification

We are delighted that our WorldTeach TEFL program has achieved accreditation through ACCREDITAT. ACCREDITAT, a division of T.I.Select Training/Training Issues Ltd, is based in Scotland and is an international accreditation body which sets rigorous standards for accreditation of TEFL companies. Companies accredited by ACCREDITAT have met their demanding standards in 4 key areas: 1. the ethics and integrity of their operation 2. the high quality of their courses 3. the caliber of their assessment 4. the high capability, extensive knowledge and expertise of their tutors TEFL students, employers, and members of the public have greater confidence in an institution and course which have been accredited against international standards of quality. We are proud that our WorldTeach TEFL program has been accredited by ACCREDITAT. This means all our volunteers can be confident they are receiving the best TEFL education available, scrutinized and validated by ACCREDITAT. For more information about the stringent standards we have met, please take time to view the Standards and Evidence (TEFL/TESOL Providers section) at www.accreditat.com.


The price of certification through WorldTeach is competitive for similar length and hours of certification.

The WorldTeach Optional TEFL Certification is comprised of five components to help prepare you for what is to come, whether that be your WorldTeach service, looking at a career teaching English abroad, or want to advance your content knowledge.

The five components include:
  1. Pre-departure Observations: 10 hours of observation and engagement in a domestic ESL setting prior to departure with responses to the accompanying reflection packet.
  2. Online Readings: 125 hour equivalent text comprised of readings and quizzes culminating in an exam.
  3. In Person Training: Orientation comprised of cultural and educational content and a site visit for select volunteer teachers, depending on placement and program, with accompanying reflection.
  4. Practicum (Observation and Participation): 10 hours of engagement in an ESL classroom and reflection prior to departure, 15 hours of observed or team teaching (Including possible site visit).
  5. Successful Completion of your WorldTeach Commitment: This includes successful completion of the Teacher Quality Program as well as successful completion of your program duration.
Time Commitment:
To earn TEFL Certification you must complete your time of service as well as the online component consisting of a 125 hour equivalent text and quiz.
Start Date:
You can begin your TEFL Certification as soon as you are confirmed to be a WorldTeach volunteer teacher.
How to Enroll:
Pay the TEFL fee associated with your program as well as submitting your pre-departure work to TEFLCert@WorldTeach.org



Payments for the optional TEFL Certification are non-refundable after the start of the program orientation. The cost and content of certification varies by program duration.


Total Training


Independent Engagement in Educational Setting



150 hours

25 hours

~700 hours



150 hours

25 hours

~400 hours



130 hours

25 hours

~200 hours



To be eligible to enroll in TEFL certification individuals must confirm their placement in a WorldTeach program or be successfully completed alumni. In order to obtain certification, all requirements, including completing your time of service, must be done.

Certification Process

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