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WorldTeach Volunteer Sydney Thompson is currently teaching in Quito, Ecuador! She just hit the midpoint of her volunteering experience. Have you ever ran some type of race, and when you reached the halfway point, you either wanted to stay consistent, push harder, slow down, or give up? I’m now at the midpoint of my 10-month service here in Quito, Ecuador, and I’ve been reflecting on how far I’ve come and how I want to proceed. Reflecting on this past month, I went to Baños for our cohort’s mid-service conference, took a trip to Pasochoa (an extinct volcano) and hiked with some new friends, attended a Super Bowl party and ate some wings, and visited Amaguaña for the Carnaval. I also…

Time Travel with Elizabeth Paiva

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Have you ever read something so rich that you forget who or where you are? As someone who reads through blogs almost daily, it never ceases to amaze me how much writing styles differ. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday our memory likely triggers textured thoughts of warm crinkling leaves and heavy coats shielding bellies filled with fall delights, but if we head further south than Mexico to a country aptly called Ecuador, the fall can bring out even more imagery and emotion, even the answers to some mysteries. You can thank Elizabeth Paiva for this one. Check out more of her incredible writings at! — Sometimes I forget I’m in Ecuador. Most days are pretty standard. I eat oatmeal for breakfast,…

Meet Liz Blanco

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Meet Elizabeth Blanco, smart, sharp, humble, and the newest WorldTeach Program Manager for Colombia, Ecuador, and Micronesia. Having started only a few weeks ago in the office, Liz has a much deeper relationship with WorldTeach than she makes it seem. A few years ago she was working as a Buyer and Merchandiser for a grocery store in Los Angeles when she decided to take little detour in her career. Buying and bringing in the products, working with the margins, and attending trade shows was just becoming underwhelming. She thought back to her 6-month trip to Guam to stay with family and realized that the island was calling her back like the gentle crash of the ocean at night. Taking time…