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A Year of Firsts

Posted by Nolan Sutker in China

By: Saskia Kroesen, WorldTeach China Volunteer My year in China has been a year full of firsts: my first year no longer a student, my first time moving to a foreign country alone, my first time living alone, my first time in Asia, my first time trying all sorts of delicious Chinese foods— the list goes on. But the first that stands out most is definitely my first time being a teacher. Sure, when I applied for a position with WorldTeach I was aware I would be teaching classes for the next year, and yes, during orientation while learning techniques on how to be a successful teacher I also knew that all of this was for a reason… but it…

Not Another Goodbye

Posted by Nolan Sutker in China

Sometimes, your WorldTeach year is so great that you have to do it again. Katie Scott, WorldTeach China volunteer, decided to return for a second year as you’ll read below. Interested in our WorldTeach China program? Check out our webinar happening at 7pm, today (Tuesday, April 5th) via this link:, Or head over to WorldTeach China’s page. — “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” ― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky (Discworld, #32) Please, not another goodbye. I can’t take it….

Weekend in Wuhan 武汉

Posted by Nolan Sutker in China

Often times, our WorldTeach volunteers take advantage of the opportunity to explore and travel in their country of service. Saskia Kroesen, WorldTeach China volunteer, just posted a blog about her adventure visiting the capital city of Hubei Province: Wuhan. Click below to see beautifully intriguing photos that highlight a variety of things from pig feet to cherry blossoms! To learn more about WorldTeach China, click here: — Over the weekend Bev and I visited the capital city of Hubei Province: Wuhan. We were fortunate to stay with an acquaintance who I met through someone in Blacksburg- he was a marine biologist of some sort and has been to Blacksburg many times! They lived in a beautiful, homey apartment with a Western…

Full Speed Ahead!

Posted by WTTech in China

Join us this #BlogTuesday as WorldTeach China  volunteer, Lynsey Zettler, shared the first trip she took during her WorldTeach experience. From trying new foods to exploring rural China, Lynsey’s account of her travel experiences is entertaining to follow! Plus, you gotta love how cheap AND delicious food can be. What food do you remember falling in love with while traveling for the first time? Considering applying to our China Year Program? Click here to learn more. Make sure to mark your calendars as applications are due on May 1st, 2016. — Well it has most certainly been a whirlwind of a month! I have been teaching at Changjun Bilingual Middle School for 6 weeks already! I have even had the opportunity to do…

“Proud Mom” Moments

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It was truly touching to read the words of WorldTeach volunteer, Alexandra Ehrhardt, as she shares about her time thus far and how close she has grown to her students. Interested in a teaching experience of your own? Consider applying to the WorldTeach China program. — January 9, 2016 The countdown to Spring Festival begins, reader. Starting January 9th the adventure move outside the Hunan border and into the rest of southeastern Asia. We’ve come a long way, you, me, and this blog. There is a few handfuls of people I owe a large amount of thanks. Rather, there are 500+ students that I would like to thank. Here is the 周南中学 (Zhounan Zhong Xue/Zhounan Middle School) post. Thinking back to high school,…

I Don’t Always Feel Like a Teacher

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“I’ve talked to people who have been teaching for decades and they’ve told me they don’t always feel like a teacher.” This week get a taste of what it’s like to be a volunteer teacher in China as we interview Tracey Sullivan, a current teacher in Nanyue, Hunan Province in China. There she lives and teaches some classes of more than 60 students with her husband. She’s learned to motivate while instructing and not to take anything personally, read on to get the latest from one of our most popular WorldTeach programs. Volunteer Spotlight, January 2016 Meet Tracey Sullivan, Current Volunteer in China In which WorldTeach country program are you currently serving? We (my husband and I) are working in China,…

Your grandmother is Chinese, I said to myself. You should have known better.

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Quincy Carroll is one of those rare WorldTeach volunteers that has stayed connected with us both regularly and in spirit. He remains active in our social media feeds, participates in our alumni media contests, and has even published a novel that he claims is loosely based on his experience in Hunan, China via WorldTeach. As an honest and articulate alumni with plenty of stories to tell, we asked him to write for us. WorldTeach presents, Quincy in rare form. — One of the primary reasons I decided to move to China was to improve my Chinese. I had devoted a lot of time and energy toward studying the language in school, so it felt like the hours would have been wasted…

“What an introduction to the world of teaching.”

Posted by WTTech in Chile

Have you ever heard that making a decision is just the beginning? Deciding to embark on a WorldTeach adventure is just the beginning and moreover just the tip of the iceberg. As you settle in and begin to peel back the layers on what you have decided to do, the adventure becomes as much about self-discovery as it does about teaching. The country will embrace you. The kids will admire you. The parents will appreciate you. But more than anything you’ll have to embrace, admire, and appreciate yourself to finish a WorldTeach adventure. Allow David Hanna to share with you his honest take on settling into the world of teaching in Chile. — I feel like I am connected to…

Changsha Foreign Languages School by Emily Chambers

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Hey everyone, my name is George and I’m the newest Marketing and Publicity Intern at WorldTeach this year. I only arrived 3 weeks ago to Cambridge to help connect the world of avid travelers, learners, and teachers with WorldTeach, but this organization has been coordinating something I’ve believed strongly in for some time now. Preparing teachers to prepare students for the more complex challenges in life is something we all benefit from, and the following blogpost from Emily Chambers (WorldTeach, China 2015) is just the kind of example we cherish here at the office. Other volunteer abroad programs out there may leave you stranded under stressful circumstances in which to teach, but it’s clear that with WorldTeach, teachers like Emily,…

WorldTeach Got Talent—Jess Medeiros China’14

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by: Shierly Mondianti WorldTeach has attracted many budding singers, musicians, swimmers, divers, techies and builders, among others. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, and their experiences and hobbies add value to the students they teach and the communities that they serve abroad. I will proudly say that our volunteer teachers are probably one of the most motivated, ambitious and talented people out there. You would think that after a long day of teaching that our volunteers would want to simply rest and relax in the comfort of their home. Well, not WorldTeach’s volunteers! Jess Medeiros (China’14), is a great example of someone who really immersed herself with the local culture. During her spare time in China, Jess would post YouTube…