For WorldTeach volunteers, school spirit is a source of inspiration. It manifests differently at every location, but no experience is quite the same without. Some gather over special foods, some have special ceremonies, and some simply dress up to show out. In American Samoa, it’s not uncommon to have a spirit week to celebrate the diversity of characters in the community. Let Danielle Randolph share with you how the spirit of Halloween takes places in her WorldTeach destination. If you’d like to read more about her experience, follow the link to her blog here –

Friday – Costume Day
Friday was the main event, we had a Halloween costume fashion show and a Thriller dance composition.  There were 4 categories: Disney, super hero, and scary. From each class there was a boy and a girl representing each category. The fourth was a baby, one advisor from each grade had to be a baby. Thankfully I was the Segaula mascot in September so the other freshman advisor was the baby. It’s really neat seeing how creative the kids get by making their costumes out of leaves or anything they have. Since they can’t go to a store and buy a costume like you’d normally do.
The last event was the dance competition. Each class had to make up a dance to Thriller and perform it in front of the school. They practiced for two weeks for this, if only some of them worked this hard on school work! Ha. They all did such a good job! So entertaining and hilarious. These kids blow my mind constantly. I wish I could upload the video but the internet’s too slow.

The best thing about last week is the boat FINALLY came!!!!!!! When the boat comes everyone comes to the wharf and when I say everyone I mean the whole island. It was such a neat/chaotic experience. We finally have diesel! So no more worrying about that for a while. I also got a lot of packages and letters from home. It was like Christmas morning! Or I guess my birthday since they were my birthday packages finally getting here ha. I have the best family and friends!!! Mom even sent me the BEST birthday cake and it made it over a month in the mail!