Read about what WorldTeach Tanzania volunteer, Elizabeth Martin, is doing to start a school breakfast program.

Elizabeth and Bukilolo Students

On Monday, my school began serving porridge, Uji, to all students during our morning break. In the 5 months that I’ve been teaching at Bukiriro, the academic master at school and I are the only people who would eat or drink during the day. Taking this step to feed the whole school has been more of a leap for us, but one that has been extremely positive! My students walk up to 8km to school in the morning on an empty stomach, waking up well before the sun rises. They sit through classes all day, and then walk all 8km home on an even emptier stomach. No wonder I had students regularly fall asleep during my afternoon classes…I would too if I was them!


I can personally say that in the four days that uji has been served, the difference in the afternoon is unbelievable! To say that students are more alert, attentive and participative is an understatement: the energy that radiates through the room is palpable. It’s amazing what 16 ounces of porridge will do for a person! Attendance is up, students are awake, and the school is alive!


The Tanzania program would not be possible without the generous funding from Margaret and Eric Rothchild. Their contributions allow this program to be financially sustainable. With sincere gratitude, we thank you.


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