WorldTeach is now accepting applications for 2015 summer programs. Here, summer alum Nikhil reflects on the end of his experience as a volunteer teacher in Morocco. 


At the end of last week, I stated that there would definitely be some moments that I would miss from this internship experience, and this week cemented that belief.  This week brought with it two moments of anticipation, the first being a party that us volunteers wanted to throw for a some of our students on Wednesday night.  The second was successfully completing our teaching stint at the Sidi Moumen Cultural Centre.


As for the event that we decided to throw, we figured that it should some traditional American games that would be both fun and very messy.  Therefore, we put together a schedule of watermelon smear, flip cup, tug of war, water balloon fights and apple bobbing.  As the night rolled around and we began filling close to 200 water balloons, however, there was no way we could have prepared for the carnage that was about to erupt.  As kids started entering the centre we quickly realized that there was no way we could have contained the event as word had already spread.  Moreover, as soon they got wind about the water balloons all other activities fell by the wayside.  While Kendra and Molly started the nights events with smashing a watermelon as well as some games of flip cup, nothing was about to compare the excitement of over 50 kids engaging in an all out water fight.  This is perhaps one of the most memorable experiences of the whole trip as Kendra was trying to explain the rules of the game a water balloon proceeded to burst in her hands and take any remaining credibility and dignity that us volunteers had.  Once we started the game it seemed that all hell had broken loose with water balloons flying all over the place, unsurprisingly this quickly became the last game of the night and after posing for what seemed like a million photographs the party came to a close.


Almost an hour and a half ago I finished work at the Sidi Moumen Cultural Centre and I guess if I had to summarize the good experiences that I have had at this place it would be watching one of my peers and now my best friend close out her last class.  Watching her describe how each one of her students has developed over the past month, displaying a level of real emotional connection that should be present in every teacher that wishes to succeed in the field.  It came as no surprise to me that each one of her students were significantly moved and subsequently reciprocated her kindness and generosity that she has and continues to express during her time in Morocco.  The inclusive learning environment that she has created was hopefully emblematic of what our work was meant to represent in Sidi Moumen, and she should definitely serve as a benchmark for any volunteers who continue to come here.  As well as this I would like explicitly state that during my time at the Sidi Moumen Cultural Centre I was fortunate enough to work with a local Moroccan who is truly one of the brightest and best that the country has to offer and without him, life at the centre would have been extremely difficult.  Mohcen Baddar I wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors, Kendra and I have truly found you invaluable during our time here and we hope that you succeed in everything you wish to do.


As for the rest of the trip, we head to Asilah tomorrow a beautiful blue beach city in the North for one night before coming back to the Sidi Moumen for the Eid celebrations.  We then leave Sidi Moumen on Wednesday and head towards the Sahara in what is supposed to be one of the most recommended places in Morocco.




-Nikhil, WorldTeach Morocco Summer 2014

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