Are you wondering what fall weather will bring and how to prepare appropriately where you’re living? Matt, a Tanzania WorldTeach volunteer, recounts his experiences with “rainy season” in Tanzania, and the fascinating beauty, power and universality of nature.

rain in tanzania

Right now in Tanzania, we are in the midst of the rainy season of the year.


At times it can be a fascinating display of nature’s power that I never really experienced back in the US. I can see why it’s called the “rainy season”, since it tends to rain just about every day. However, it doesn’t rain hard every day. Some days there is just a brief shower and other days it will rain so hard that it can wake you from the deepest sleep. With all of the setbacks that the rainy season has brought, it’s not all bad. The rain has certainly improved the scenery. Now all of the fields and mountains are incredibly lush and green, and it makes for some really beautiful sights. It’s also amazing to see how fast the crops can grow, since this is the season when most people are planting and growing their harvest for the rest of the year. At times when it’s raining the hardest, I know it’s going to make a mess of things outside, but when it is raining it’s cool to just stare in awe at how much rain can really fall at one time.


Even though the rainy season has its ups and downs, I’m glad that it’s come at the tail end of my time here. It’s both a fascinating, and at the same time miserable, display of nature’s power.


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