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The statistics are staggering. 4 million teachers would have been needed to achieve Universal Primary Education between 2012 and 2015 while 2.6 million would have been needed to replace those who retired, changed occupations, or left due to illness. In 2015, 1 in 6 children in low and middle income countries – nearly 100 million – did not complete primary school. WorldTeach strives to narrow these education accessibility gaps, one teacher at a time.

Your donation contributes directly to continued quality global programming and enables WorldTeach volunteers to be on the front lines of international education and globalization. It gives anyone the opportunity to participate in collaborative WorldTeach communities around the world.


Why Donate to WorldTeach?

In 1987,  students from Harvard University went to Kenya with a simple purpose; to see if local schools needed assistance. This idea has led to WorldTeach evolving to more than 7,000 worldwide volunteers who have served in more than 25 middle and low income countries around the globe. WorldTeach partners with local governments’ ministries and departments of education to provide volunteer teachers in their identified communities. WorldTeach offers intensive in-country training, 24/7 local support, and a defined role in the host community. A donation to WorldTeach allows the sustainability of this model. It provides a platform for all citizens to become more invested in their global community. Take a look below at our WorldTeach volunteers and their various in-country projects and initiatives.
Our goal is to build a resource center at our placement school, Ediva PS in Namibia. Ediva does not have a library or space for learners to study or hold IC classes. This new resource center would act as a place for learners to complete homework, study, read, and learn about new technology.
- 2016 WorldTeach Namibia volunteers Abigail Hahn and Hollyanne Compton

WorldTeach Volunteer Profiles

Jinisha Dunn was a WorldTeach volunteer in 2014 at the Karasburg Combined School in Karas, Namibia. In addition to being a volunteer High School Science teacher, Jinisha was the Netball coach, initiatied a Girls Empowerment Club and assisted in the planning of the school’s largest fundraiser, Miss Karas High. Click here for more info on Jinisha and our other WorldTeach volunteers.


Nathan Greenberg was a WorldTeach volunteer in Ecuador in 2013. He taught English at the Universidad Estatal Amazonica in Puyo. Along with his classes, Nathan’s biggest accomplishment while in Ecuador was the connection he made with his host family. Click here for more info on Nathan and our other WorldTeach volunteers.

Erin Girard plans to pursue a career in international development. Following graduation, Erin wanted to go into the field and see what she had been studying, firsthand. She applied to WorldTeach after hearing about it from a friend whose brother did the Marshall Islands program nearly ten years ago. She found out she was accepted the day after graduation and hasn’t looked back since. Click here for more info on Erin and our other WorldTeach volunteers.

WorldTeach Volunteer Projects

Girls Club in Namibia

Jordon Frank, Namibia ‘14, created a girls’ club to help some of her students learn more about women’s issues in Namibia. She started the club to help address issues such as self-esteem and empowerment for girls. Click here to learn more about Jordon’s and other WorldTeach volunteer projects.

Model UN in China

Chris Mirasola, China ’12, was a teacher at the Changsha Number One School with more than 60 students in each of his classes. Along with facilitating a Model UN club, he also volunteered to help with a Hunan Department of Health Public Service announcement. Click here to learn more about Chris’ and other WorldTeach volunteer projects.

Environmental Education in American Samoa

Matthew Williams, American Samoa ’10, helped to apply for funding from the America’s Best Idea Grant under the National Parks System to focus on environmental education. Click here to learn more about Matt’s and other WorldTeach volunteer projects.

The WorldTeach Annual Fund

Through the generous support of donors from around the world, each year the WorldTeach Annual Fund provides scholarships, resources, sponsored global classrooms and more. Thanks for your support of WorldTeach’s mission of promoting responsible global citizenship.

100% of your WorldTeach tax-deductible donation goes directly towards our global volunteer programming.