From Greece to the Micronesia, WorldTeach Chuuk volunteer Niko Petsalis has seen his share of the sea. Read his unique words as he remembers his most recent trip in Micronesia. 


niko on ship smallMy last Holiday was a month ago, to an island called Onoun in northwest Pacific sea. I traveled with a group of educators, to meet the local teachers in order to show them different ways of teaching in the classroom; I myself am a teacher too. We traveled by boat for 30 hours and although the trip was very long and hard everyone was in a good spirit. The first thing I did while on the boat, was to find a small spot where I laid down my float-able single mattress, so I could be ready to rest when it would get darker. The most beautiful thing that caressed me while I was traveling to Onoun was the sunset. The sun was slowly going down the horizon of the Pacific sea. As it went down, the robust light of the sun got dull and it looked like a huge disc, like an orange fruit. It formed a vast contrast of different shades. As all passengers were seeing the same sunset, I felt that for a moment everyone on the boat was connected with each other.



niko's boat sunset smallThe waves of the sea also appeared to have altered their color to a mixture of golden and orange. The clouds were so white and puffy as if they were made of candyfloss. The water was sparkling like stardust make-up on the oceans face. The sea eagles were also chirping and flying around the boat so curious to see humans traveling in the middle of the Pacific sea. I was leaning by the side of the boat thinking that soon I knew I would see the dark side of the moon…


And it was at that very moment when I heard a great white shark saying to a mammal next to him, “my crossed-eye whale you are my belle”!!!


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