Our WorldTeach volunteer Noam Szoke gives us a taste of this experience in his recent blog post. While teaching in Thailand, Noam was forced to step out of his “teaching comfort zone” and instruct younger students – something he never thought he wanted to do. In the end, Noam adored teaching these Thai children. Check out the great images Noam has shared with us!


Look, cute little ones, all lined up, holding up pictures of apples, wearing name tags. I teach Kindergarten!




I’m still in disbelief that I am teaching Kindergarten. In fact, one of my classes is more like pre-school aged! And I have to admit I enjoy it. Those of you who know me professionally know that I normally balk at anything below 4th grade, and yet I am now teaching Anuban, 1st, second, and 3rd. The fact that I have each group for just one hour at a time, a couple of hours a week, makes it a bit more manageable. But, honestly, it is one of the surprises of this year that I am enjoying the little ones as much as I am.


With that said, this post is simply a couple recent photos and a video so that it Shall Be Known, for posterity, that Noam taught Kindergarten!


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