WorldTeach volunteer Stephanie Boyer has been teaching in American Samoa since July. Last Wednesday, she was treated to a strange day at school: Halloween! It turns out that the celebration in American Samoa isn’t all too different from that in the United States with its candy, costumes, and craziness! Thanks for sharing your story, Stephanie.


halloween top


Halloween. Yes, it is celebrated here in American Samoa, and yes, the students get equally as rowdy. Going into this holiday with the knowledge that my kids were going to be sugar high, holiday high, and probably just all around high, I planned to have my kids do scary stories competition and the winner would get… more candy (munchies and a prize, hell yeah Ms. Boyer!). It went relatively well, until my 3rd period ruined everything. One student drew a pumpkin on my board using a permanent marker (I made him scrub the board until it came off.. using a pencil eraser). Other students used my rolling chairs as surf boards, flying from one corner to the other. Other students played truth or dare with dares such as “go sit on Ms. Boyer’s lap” etc. Halloween really brings out those devil students, or maybe it’s just the excessive amounts of candy.


Sara, Mel, and I decided it would be humorous to dress up like students. Yellow t-shirts and black skirts. We also wore sunglasses/glasses with no lenses, fake tattoos all over our arms, one sock with slippers, and a towel on our heads. The students loved it.


Parent teacher conferences were also planned for Halloween. Thank god I had all these fake tattoos all over my arms! They went well though. I surprisingly got around 17 parents to come in and talk about their students.


Here are some pictures of my weird students doing weird things:


Halloween 6

Halloween 11

Halloween 4

Halloween 1

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