Four weeks in to his WorldTeach experience in Guyana, Marek Brzozowski is finding himself getting adjusted to his new life, neighborhood and job. Read on to hear what his typical day looks like and his new-found favorite restaurant.




The end of week four.


Well, it’s looking like it’s time to do another update. These last three weeks have been spent actually teaching, so my life feels like it has a purpose again (remember, as an American, my reason for living is working).


As a result, things have shifted from the new and fantastic (wow, people here drive on the left side of the road!) to the relatively mundane (I found fabric softener yesterday!). Like any new job, there is a routine that one will find themselves in, and it’s pretty fair to say that I’ve entered into that routine.


The school here is on block scheduling, meaning that the classes are much more similar to an university schedule than the typical high school schedule I was expecting. There are four periods in a day, with the day starting at 9AM and ending at 3PM. There is also a one hour lunch break, from 12-1PM, which is pretty nice. However, since the day is comparatively short, the school year lasts until July.


I teach three classes – IT (Information Technology), Chemistry, and EDPM (Electronic Document Preparation and Management). Only EDPM is at the 5th form (11th grade), meaning the students can take the CXC exam at the end of the year. The other two classes are taught at the 4th form (10th grade), so there isn’t as much pressure to be ready for the exams. This doesn’t mean that the students will slack off in Chemistry and IT, since the curriculums for both are two years, and the second year will be a continuation of the first.


Weekends have been nice and relaxing, spent in town, and going to the beach. I really enjoy the vibe, which isn’t hurried, rushed, or anything of that sort – rather, it’s just easy going and nice.


One of the high points of the week is the weekly trip to a Brazilian restaurant in town. This place has become my Chipotle replacement, and (dare I even say….) surpasses at times it in both quality and quantity of food. It’s grown on me that much and it’s only been a little over a month. Who knows how I’ll be when the time comes around to leave.