WorldTeach volunteer Samuel Lindauer’s time is coming to a close in Guyana. In his most recent blog post, Samuel shows us how close he has grown to the Guyanese people and community. See how Samuel is spending his last days in Guyana!


We’re in to end of year exams now — this is the beginning of the end for real now. I’ve been writing the new schemes for the fall term, probably to be used by the new volunteers that will be here in a few months. I came in to school on the last Friday of class and was overwhelmed by the several students in tears. I gave Elain a hug and held her hand — she was pretty devastated that I was leaving so soon. Can’t help but feel that I am abandoning my 10th graders. A big part of me would stay. Later that day we had a appreciation ceremony for the outgoing grade 11 students and the volunteers. We received a couple nice Wapichana gifts.




Had a nice picnic up on Mt. Aishalton with 11th grade. All good kids. Took some nice photos to keep those memories close. We had a dinner at Joyce’s too, where Mike and I handed out some supprelatives. Class flirt, class clown. Josh said how he was nervous because he had asked a date to the dinner (the first time he had a date!) and I think the whole restaurant was quite impressed when Tessa arrived wearing a little blue dress and high heels. I love these guys. I even told a police officer not to speak to Tessa because he was my students date (and she’s 15.) It really amusing that in lieu of any sort of drinking age, kid can get served once they are out of school. So all the boys were enjoying their first “legal” beer. A couple bought one for me, which I accepted in good humor.


There was a football match against neighboring Awarenau village that I participated in. It was the first really competitive game since Heritage. Awarenau had some very large player, particularly since the Aishalton team was mostly comprised of school boys. It was a physical match — I got into a few crunching tackles and at one point almost got into a fight. Been a while since I felt that competitiveness. Game ended 2-2, tied up on a through ball I played to Regus James in “stoppage time”.


Went riding around the village branding calves on Saturday — might be the last time I get to do that. At one point I was pinning a calf to the ground, when its LARGE mother returned and looked like it was going to charge. Fortunately a 11 year old cowboy saved me from the potential goring.


July 6th is the departure date and its just around the corner.


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