If eighteen months ago you had asked me where I would like to travel in the world, I never would have named Namibia in the list of countries. That changed when my daughter Elizabeth announced that she would be spending a year there to teach English.


Elizabeth volunteered with the international program WorldTeach, which placed her in the village of Omatjete (pronounced OMA-she-tay) to teach fifth through seventh graders for most of 2014. My wife Susan and I of course found time to visit, making the visit this past July.

*2,500 miles of scenic touring later, we have a National Geographic-like set of safari photos, some incredibly beautiful memories, and a daughter who fell in love with her students and a village half a world away (cleverly chronicled on her blog during her time there). Our excursions took us to several national parks, to see 26,000-year old cave paintings, and to parts of the country where the reboot of the movie Mad Max was filmed.

Like any trip to other parts of the world, we needed to accommodate some differences between the modern comforts of Oregon and being a tourist in a new country, but we loved the visit, and perhaps my favorite story involves Elizabeth’s temporary roommate. On one occasion, Elizabeth’s neighbors told her “not to mind the sheep in the bathroom,” and sure enough she found one tied up there soon thereafter. The sheep was to be part of (eaten at) a local festival the next day.



-Paul Skurdahl, Father of WorldTeach Namibia Alumna Elizabeth Skurdahl

WorldTeach is now accepting applications for 2015 summer programs. If you are interested in learning more about WorldTeach, check out our website at www.worldteach.org. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at info@worldteach.org or give us a call at 857.259.6646!

*This post was also featured in Iberdrola Renewables’ Newsletter