Inspiration. It’s one of the most important qualities one can gain from volunteering abroad. Emily Ellis-Liang, a former Marshall Islands volunteer, was certainly bitten by this inspiration bug after her service in 2007. Emily has since taken her love for dance, charitable work as well as the Marshall Islands to create a charity of her own known as the rePUBLIC of daNCe.




The rePUBLIC of daNCe’s mission is two-fold; it fuses Emily’s passions of dance as well as giving back to the community:


“The mission of the rePUBLIC of daNCe is to educate young dancers with a comprehensive career-based artistic program that fosters excellence in technical performance and production, while creating a greater awareness of their world and a deeper understanding of how they can improve Greensboro by serving within the community.”


Emily’s love for the Marshall Islands has obviously impacted her decision to create this foundation. Among several other charities, Emily plans to direct a portion of the rePUBLIC of daNCe’s donations to supplying the island nation’s schools with supplies via WorldTeach volunteers.


We are so glad that Emily’s WorldTeach experience has made such a lasting and impressive impact. We wish Emily the best of luck with her new program and applaud her initiative! Great work, Emily!


Be sure to read more about the rePUBLIC of daNCe here.


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