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A Week in Bogota

Posted by WTTech in Colombia

As many are considering applying to our WorldTeach Colombia semester program, read this blog post to get a glimpse of what WorldTeach volunteer, Martina Boyter, experienced preparing for her first week of teaching. It’s hard not to fall in love with Cartagena after 48 hours. If you are interested in more information about our WorldTeach teaching opportunities, head over to our website. — So much to share! To be honest, I’ve been thinking about everything I want to write in this post for a few days, but there’s an overwhelming amount I want to tell you, so I’ve been putting it off. But no longer! Right now, I’ll catch you up on the second week of orientation. And within the…

My Thai Family

Posted by WTTech in Thailand

Kate and her sister Yuu Living with a host family for many teachers is one of the most rewarding aspects of WorldTeach service and an integral step to feeling like part of a new community. Kate Mast, WorldTeach Thailand volunteer, writes below about her unexpected ties to her Thai family and the difficulty of leaving loved ones behind. — I have a Thai family that I am incredibly grateful for, they have been one of the most unexpected but important parts of my time here. The couple who care for me, Don and Yuu, have become the older siblings I always wanted but never had. I never expected to feel so at home with two people who came from such…

Racing Cows in Poland

Posted by WTTech in Poland

Tonight, I raced cows. A particular cow, to be exact. I was finishing up a whimsical and winding bike ride with host sister, host sister’s boyfriend, and host father, filled with wheat fields and windmills (how many “w” words can I use in one sentence?) when we (there’s two more) came upon a string of cows being herded home from pasture. “Silly cows,” I thought fondly, as many are apt to think whilst watching cows walk in a straight line upon a dirt path. One of those cows must have been telepathic, and she must have been insulted by my private ruminations, because when I glided past her on my bike, she broke into a run. We raced down the…

A Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Posted by WTTech in Thailand

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, we thought we would share WorldTeach Thailand volunteer, Haley Boone’s heart warming reflections on a Valentine’s Day from her former placement in Nakhon Phanom province. To learn more about volunteering in Thailand, head over to this link for more information! — “Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of the holiday, I thought I’d make a list of the things that I love most about my life here in Thailand. I’m not sure my heart could possibly be happier… I think I love my life here more and more everyday. Here are a few reasons why I love this place: My students! I’m sure I have the sweetest and most adorable students in the entire world….

“Proud Mom” Moments

Posted by WTTech in China

It was truly touching to read the words of WorldTeach volunteer, Alexandra Ehrhardt, as she shares about her time thus far and how close she has grown to her students. Interested in a teaching experience of your own? Consider applying to the WorldTeach China program. — January 9, 2016 The countdown to Spring Festival begins, reader. Starting January 9th the adventure move outside the Hunan border and into the rest of southeastern Asia. We’ve come a long way, you, me, and this blog. There is a few handfuls of people I owe a large amount of thanks. Rather, there are 500+ students that I would like to thank. Here is the 周南中学 (Zhounan Zhong Xue/Zhounan Middle School) post. Thinking back to high school,…

The Idle, Collective Beauty of American Samoa

Posted by WTTech in American Samoa

“One of the prompts was ‘If you were given one million dollars, what would you do with it?’ – almost 95% of the students said they would give it to their family and others. Another one that stands out is “if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be”, and again the majority of the students answered they wouldn’t want to leave the island because this is where their family is and they like their way of life here. My thoughts on this are conflicted.” Sneha, one of our current “AmSam” volunteers weighs these cultural differences, idle time and chairing the math and art committee at her school in this week’s WorldTeach blog post. — The ins…

“The Higher the Wai, the More Respectful”

Posted by WTTech in Thailand

Below you’ll find a story about the first day of school for Anne Greenwood  , a current WorldTeach volunteer in Thailand.  Quickly, she learns that cultural norms and habits are all relative to the environment. Learn about proper Thai greetings and why the proper “Wai” matters, below.  When I woke up this morning, it was still dark out. I carefully exited my mosquito net to turn off my both alarm and the air conditioning unit at 5:30 while the birds were starting to chirp and the motorcycle repair shop across the street was already starting work for the day (less pastoral). I’ve been trying to remain hydrated, so I like to get my water bottle and climb back into bed to drink it….

I Don’t Always Feel Like a Teacher

Posted by WTTech in China

“I’ve talked to people who have been teaching for decades and they’ve told me they don’t always feel like a teacher.” This week get a taste of what it’s like to be a volunteer teacher in China as we interview Tracey Sullivan, a current teacher in Nanyue, Hunan Province in China. There she lives and teaches some classes of more than 60 students with her husband. She’s learned to motivate while instructing and not to take anything personally, read on to get the latest from one of our most popular WorldTeach programs. Volunteer Spotlight, January 2016 Meet Tracey Sullivan, Current Volunteer in China In which WorldTeach country program are you currently serving? We (my husband and I) are working in China,…

4 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Posted by WTTech in Namibia

Interested in teaching in Namibia for a summer? Consider applying to the WorldTeach Namibia program. But remember… you still have plenty to learn as well as teach, and learning from others is totally OK. Consider the wise words of Martha Caudill before you go! — For my survival, it was required of me to learn these things. I didn’t find this out until after I had learned them. And I learned them in the hardest way possible. Through experience. Trial and error. Many, many errors. But these lessons will go with me for the rest of my life. People are people and let them be. Some are good, some are bad. Some are respectable, some are disgusting. Some will surprise…

“It’s a good thing that smiles and hugs are universally understood.”

Posted by WTTech in South Africa

Making friends abroad is actually easier than it may seem. And when you volunteer to teach via WorldTeach you’re likely to make more friends than you know how to handle. Imagine you’re a small child in a village that doesn’t receive many foreigners. The foreigners that bend down to your height, look you in the eye, and teach you how to read will likely be your favorite. Let Catherine Celeste Helm take you on a journey via the local language and local love.  — We are all so happy to make new friends. The downside is that, unlike everyone else here, we only speak one language. Most people here speak a minimum of two languages, with working knowledge of a…