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Big Bugs, Big Adventures

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Ecuador, News & Highlights

By WorldTeach Ecuador volunteer Lauren Fosnight, 2015 I am a self-confessed over-planner. In high school, I used to make lists of my lists. There’s no shame in planning. In fact, being a natural planner is kind of like having a low-key super power. You can often predict what is going to happen, and when someone in your group project has forgotten the markers, you come to the rescue with two boxes in your over-packed bag, which prompts an average of 1.5 Mary Poppins references per day. Before coming to Ecuador, both the pre-departure preparation materials for my program and the TEFL module I had to complete warned about the dangers of rigid over-planning, especially when teaching in an environment with limited resources. I…

Contrasting, Beautiful Namibia

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Namibia, News & Highlights

By WorldTeach Namibia volunteer Abigail Hahn, 2015 “Contrasting, beautiful Namibia.” This phrase is from the national anthem of the Republic of Namibia, where I lived for the last year. During my time in Namibia I found this to be one of the most apt descriptions of my life abroad and my beloved new home. One of the ways Namibia embodies this phrase is through its extremely varied landscapes and range of climates. While in Namibia I was lucky enough to travel through much of this spectacular country and experience this variety. I climbed the largest sand dunes in the world in Sossusvlei and Swakopmund, felt the ocean spray of the Skeleton Coast, befriended cheetahs at The Cheetah Conservation Fund, and…

What Had I Gotten Myself Into?

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Marshall Islands, News & Highlights

By WorldTeach Marshall Islands volunteer Smitty McGowan, 2015 The tiny boat rocked up and down the gargantuan waves, tossed around like a child playing with toys. While the boat seemed to be no match for the ocean, it appeared that we had formed some kind of a symbiotic relationship. Poseidon allowed us to live as long as we filled that void of space. If we did our job and did not disturb him too much, our boat continued to rise up to the peaks and race back down to the valleys. An unstable relationship, the simplest mistake could send us toppling. What had I gotten myself into? There I was, sitting on the bow of the boat. My spirits were…

Slowing Down in Colombia

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Colombia, News & Highlights

Hola! My name is Joe Caraway and I am a 2016 WorldTeach volunteer in Colombia at the Universidad Minuto de Dios. I really enjoy teaching, and I cherished the chance to practice both my teaching and Spanish skills. While I was a little nervous about coming to Colombia, I was excited to get to know the people and culture I had been hearing amazing things about. I was out of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t have been happier while trying to communicate with the locals or finding my way around Bogotá. It took a while to get accustomed to the calm, easy-going life that Colombians lived, but once I did, my social and work life became much easier. I…

The Great Move Abroad

Posted by Nolan Sutker in China, News & Highlights

By WorldTeach China volunteer Anahita Kumar, 2016 Moving abroad for a year is a solid commitment, and grand changes to your life will surely follow. Not to overwhelm the reader, but it’s probably going to be a real large-scale, cross-cultural, border-hopping and unpredictable adventure, probably moving at a breakneck speed but always leaving you feeling great. Before my great big journey to China I was still wrapping up work commitments until the last day, and so, as I found myself the only waigouren on the China Southern flight from Bangkok to Changsha I felt utterly unprepared to dive into this adventure. Nobody spoke English and everybody stared. I stumbled about trying to get myself a coffee and felt like the…

Unique Moments I Will Never Forget

Posted by Nolan Sutker in News & Highlights, Poland

By WorldTeach Poland volunteer Caitlin Wilkinson, 2015 Hello! My name is Caitlin and I spent the summer of 2015 teaching English in Poland! I have always wanted to be a teacher and teaching for a summer in Poland was such a unique opportunity. It was a culture and a language unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I lived in a small town outside of Krakow of about 5,000 people. I walked a mile to school and back almost every day. The community was welcoming and my host families made an effort to get to know me while we had fun trying to teach each other our languages. While my entire experience was unforgettable, there are a few unique moments I will…

Moto Rides, Birthdays, and Kites

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Colombia, News & Highlights

By WorldTeach Colombia volunteer Allison Kielhold, 2016 This Friday it poured in Cartagena and since then the weather has been amazing. It is the first time since July that I have not felt hot. I even turned one of my fans off last night 🙂 The word frío has been batted around which I feel is pretty generous…I don’t think cold exists here. However the weather has been quite enjoyable and I hope this kind of thing happens more often! I also visited Volcán Totumo with my coworker John who happens to have a motorcycle.  I had always thought I wanted to learn to drive a moto and one day have my own. However, after 40 something minutes driving to the volcano my behind was…

Moroccan Summer: A Tremendous Gift

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Morocco, News & Highlights

By WorldTeach Morocco volunteer Lisa Bobst, 2016 I was in the middle of some things when I packed up and left for Morocco in early June. Some of these were not so little things, like packing up and selling my home of twelve years, building a new home, raising a teenager. It was challenging and complicated, at 53 years old, to step out of my life and live a different one for two months. But it was so extraordinarily worthwhile. I definitely felt like the oddball in our band of volunteers as we settled into our youth hostel during training week in Casablanca. Because I am a mom, I travel with Benadryl, band aids, and a lot of Tylenol, not…

Vlog: Do’s and Don’ts in Colombia

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Colombia, News & Highlights

This week’s post is a “vlog” (video blog) coming to us from Colombia volunteer Autumn Thomas. Autumn keeps a series of YouTube videos from her time in Colombia and this is one example after having lived and taught there for four months. She discusses 10 “do’s and don’ts” of being a foreigner, or gringo, in Colombia. Click below to watch!  

A Mile in Another’s Shoes

Posted by Nolan Sutker in Namibia, News & Highlights

By WorldTeach Namibia volunteer Sarah Ritten, Summer 2016 “Ubuntu:” a person is a person only through other people. Throughout my summer spent with WorldTeach South Africa, I learned exactly what it means to live a life of the African Traditional Religion term, “Ubuntu.” It is only through helping others and empathizing with others that we fully feel connected to the world. My internship with WorldTeach and the experiences I had because of WorldTeach showed me just how important “Ubuntu” is for a community and all its members. Throughout my summer in South Africa, I had the incredible opportunity to work with the Family and Community Motivators (FCMs) in Masiphumelele (Masi), a black township outside of Cape Town. The Family and…