“Sometimes you just never know…”

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Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the kind of impact that you’re having when you’re so close to the action. The things that stand out most are the kids’ faces, the fun that you had sharing life lessons, and the scenery, but when teachers get an opportunity to look back – the images of the past are much more vivid. Let Holly take you on a journey through her WorldTeach Nepal experience from the summer of 2014. — Jumping right into teaching English as a second language in a foreign country to brand new students with brand new co-teachers in very bare classrooms with very limited resources would be a severe understatement if I called it a challenge. But when the…

A Day in the Life of a Nepal Summer Volunteer

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  I start off my morning waking up begrudgingly as I never seem to get enough sleep, however the Nepalese appear to need far less sleep than Americans do.  I wear ear plugs to keep out the sounds of the mosquitoes buzzing around my mosquito net and the ruthless barking and whining of a rather large German Shepherd, who looks at me like I could be his next meal.  His name is Laika. After waking up, I collect my towel, wash rag, change of clothes for the day and sleepily walk to the bathroom, which is upstairs and I take a cold shower that, in hindsight, actually gives me no choice but to wake up, which is fine with me….

You get a Holiday! You get a Holiday! WorldTeach Nepal Volunteer tries to get past the holiday confusion.

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WorldTeach Volunteer Holly Liebl talks about getting used to a totally different calendar system and schools us a bit about holidays in Nepal… One of the most confusing and ambiguous parts of my journey here in Nepal is figuring out when there’s a holiday.  You might be saying, ‘duh!  Look at the calendar!’ And sure, you’re correct, but only about 50%, so it still doesn’t add up.  If you look at the Nepali calendar, which follows the Bikram Sambat calendar as the West follows the Gregorian calendar, you will find that Nepal’s calendar is approximately 56 years and 8.5 months ahead of the Gregorian calendar.  So they are in the year 2071.  While looking at a Nepali calendar, any days…