Moroccan Summer: A Tremendous Gift

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By WorldTeach Morocco volunteer Lisa Bobst, 2016 I was in the middle of some things when I packed up and left for Morocco in early June. Some of these were not so little things, like packing up and selling my home of twelve years, building a new home, raising a teenager. It was challenging and complicated, at 53 years old, to step out of my life and live a different one for two months. But it was so extraordinarily worthwhile. I definitely felt like the oddball in our band of volunteers as we settled into our youth hostel during training week in Casablanca. Because I am a mom, I travel with Benadryl, band aids, and a lot of Tylenol, not…

The Time I Almost Ran Out on Mint Tea, Palm Trees, and Cheeky Grins

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By WorldTeach Morocco volunteer Shaalini Ganesalingam, 2016 “Oh honey, you ain’t gettin’ on this plane.” I laughed. When the woman checking my luggage said this I thought to myself that this must be some silly airport joke. But her visible irritation made me realize this was not, in fact, some silly airport joke. “You shouldn’t come here with less than an hour before your flight. You need to get here three hours ahead of departure,” she snapped at me. But I had. It wasn’t my fault all the kiosks malfunctioned, causing the ridiculous lines for the person-administered check-ins. Before I could argue- “You don’t have time for nothin’. Now you go on and race over to security. Make sure you…


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WorldTeach is now accepting applications for 2015 summer programs. Here, summer alum Nikhil reflects on the end of his experience as a volunteer teacher in Morocco.    At the end of last week, I stated that there would definitely be some moments that I would miss from this internship experience, and this week cemented that belief.  This week brought with it two moments of anticipation, the first being a party that us volunteers wanted to throw for a some of our students on Wednesday night.  The second was successfully completing our teaching stint at the Sidi Moumen Cultural Centre.   As for the event that we decided to throw, we figured that it should some traditional American games that would…