It’s Always a Good Time to Begin

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Below you’ll find the story of Mary Nolan, one of our more experienced WorldTeach volunteer teachers. She recently began her third year and different country placement with WorldTeach. Mary serves as an inspiration to all of us as she continues to travel the world on her journey to global citizenship and understanding. Below is a glimpse into her story….. Having lived in Ireland all my life, in 2013, I decided it was time to see some more of the world. In that year I applied to WorldTeach to take part in one of their volunteer teaching programs and went to the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia. During that year – July 2013 to May 2014 – I taught computer applications…

Teaching and Learning

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By WorldTeach Colombia Volunteer Martina Boyter   I suppose it’s time I share a bit about a major part of my day-to-day and the reason I’m here… teaching! I teach English at Institución Educativa Antonia Santos, a public colegio (high school). Antonia Santos also has a primary school, but I only work with the upper grades, sixth through eleventh. My heaviest focus is on ninth and tenth grade, but I get to work with other grades as well, either in class or through my English club! It’s common in Colombia for schools to have two jornadas, or schedules, per day. A solution to overcrowding. What does a two-jornada school look like? The mornings and afternoons are completely separate – same school,…

Slowing Down in Colombia

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Hola! My name is Joe Caraway and I am a 2016 WorldTeach volunteer in Colombia at the Universidad Minuto de Dios. I really enjoy teaching, and I cherished the chance to practice both my teaching and Spanish skills. While I was a little nervous about coming to Colombia, I was excited to get to know the people and culture I had been hearing amazing things about. I was out of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t have been happier while trying to communicate with the locals or finding my way around Bogotá. It took a while to get accustomed to the calm, easy-going life that Colombians lived, but once I did, my social and work life became much easier. I…

Moto Rides, Birthdays, and Kites

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By WorldTeach Colombia volunteer Allison Kielhold, 2016 This Friday it poured in Cartagena and since then the weather has been amazing. It is the first time since July that I have not felt hot. I even turned one of my fans off last night 🙂 The word frío has been batted around which I feel is pretty generous…I don’t think cold exists here. However the weather has been quite enjoyable and I hope this kind of thing happens more often! I also visited Volcán Totumo with my coworker John who happens to have a motorcycle.  I had always thought I wanted to learn to drive a moto and one day have my own. However, after 40 something minutes driving to the volcano my behind was…

Vlog: Do’s and Don’ts in Colombia

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This week’s post is a “vlog” (video blog) coming to us from Colombia volunteer Autumn Thomas. Autumn keeps a series of YouTube videos from her time in Colombia and this is one example after having lived and taught there for four months. She discusses 10 “do’s and don’ts” of being a foreigner, or gringo, in Colombia. Click below to watch!  

La Paz

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By WorldTeach Colombia volunteer Julia Rampton, 2016-2017 Cartagena has a civic day today, which means that all public schools and many public officials take the day off of work in order to observe a monumental moment in Colombia’s history. On September 26, 2016 the city is hosting the country’s president Juan Manuel Santos, leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People’s Army (FARC), and representatives from the United Nations to sign an international peace agreement. The signing of this agreement marks the end of a 52-year-long Colombian civil conflict that first started in 1964 between the Colombian national government and the FARC guerrilla group. After four years of negotiations and peace talks held in Habana, Cuba, members of the international community have…

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

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By WorldTeach Colombia volunteer, Andrea Taylor, 2014-2015 Thanks to my time in Barranquilla, Colombia with WorldTeach in 2014, I learned life lessons that I never could have otherwise. Here is one of those lessons that I will never forget. Meet Pedro aka the definition of happiness and quite the tour guide. He is 10 years old and lives in a small impoverished town called Palomino. On a weekend trip to Palomino (a small town near Santa Marta), my friend and fellow volunteer Becky and I decided to rent bicycles for the day. Our first destination was a nearby river. As we made our way up the mostly unpaved roads, we encountered several people walking. A little boy asked me where…

Papa Park’s tough love on volunteer teaching

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This post is an excerpt from Nancy Park’s blog, a WorldTeach Colombia 2015-2016 volunteer. See below for the link to more of her blog posts. Back in August, about a month into teaching, I was skyping with my dad, venting about the difficult time I had been having. He was good enough to indulge me and listen first. He had also grown up in a poor neighborhood as a child, in rural South Korea. He was the only person in his family to finish high school, and first in his town to ever go to college. He was the exception I dream about for my students. He found relatable the most unrelatable classroom experiences I was having, and empathized generously,…

¡Se fue así! A year in Cartagena

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by Jackie Pauley, WorldTeach Colombia Volunteer 2015-2016 “My only fear is that this year will go too fast,” said Nancy, a girl in my group, as we shared our hopes and fears for the year to come on the last night of orientation. Too fast? I thought to myself, a year is a long time. The next morning we were flying from the farmhouse near Bogotá where we had orientation to our placements, and I was even more nervous than when I’d left my home in Pennsylvania. I was heading to hot, humid, and historic Cartagena de Indias on the Caribbean coast. I don’t remember what I shared with the group that night, probably something trivial. But the list of…

We All Smile in the Same Language

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by Cherryl Cannon, Current WorldTeach Colombia Volunteer It’s been exactly one year since I made the decision to embark on a new journey and decided it was time for me to fulfill my dream to travel and live abroad. However, I didn’t want to just become a tourist. I wanted to embrace another culture, speak a new language, travel to unknown places and make an impact in the city that I would call home for an entire year. So for the past three months, I’ve been fortunate enough to be living and working in Barranquilla, Colombia as a volunteer and English Teacher for WorldTeach. Since my departure, I’ve grown tremendously and have learned so much during my time.  Teaching I…