Posted by Heather Tang in Chile

Another WorldTeach day-in-the-life from Chile Semester volunteer Lauren Lastra, reporting from her site in gorgeous Peñablanca. We are still accepting applications for both our year-long and semester-long programs in Chile for 2011, departing in March and July, respectively.     6:55am- I awake from my Dreamland to the sound of my alarm. beep! beep! BEEP! Somehow I always know its coming and wake up just moments before it goes off, wishing, hoping for a few extra minutes of sleep. I roll over, slip on my pantuflas (slippers), and turn on the lights. My body still longing for some shut-eye, I crawl back into my warm, cozy wool blankets and check my email all the while applying my mascara and lip-gloss….

Weekend at El Puerto and La Playa

Posted by Heather Tang in Chile

WorldTeach’s in-country orientations provide a great opportunity for volunteers to get to know one another and form a solid support network, creating strong bonds in just a few short weeks. Once volunteers are scattered across their varying sites, they have numerous opportunities to visit one another and explore the country together over weekends and school holidays, sharing their disparate experiences and accumulated stories. Below, Chile volunteer Heather Tang shares some photos from a weekend spent in Valparaíso with a group of her fellow volunteers.   Valparaíso (Valpo) is considered Chile’s most important port and even though the entire country is coastline, it is the gateway to the Pacific. As a World Heritage Site, the city is eclectic and cultural, characterized…