“All of these things made me realize how big of a difference I can make.”

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When we say WorldTeach is an adventure, we mean it. Our volunteers experience challenges en route, in-country, in class, in town, out of town, and on nearly every beaten and unbeaten path there is to explore. What Americans and native English speakers tend to find normal is often left by the wayside as they acclimate, but one thing is for sure, the more that you can laugh at your mistakes and learn from them, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Check out how Jordan Gristock dealt with the initial challenges of the WorldTeach Chile program in 2012. —  One week of teaching down! Monday was extremely rough at the Liceo (high school). I arrived to the school…

“What an introduction to the world of teaching.”

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Have you ever heard that making a decision is just the beginning? Deciding to embark on a WorldTeach adventure is just the beginning and moreover just the tip of the iceberg. As you settle in and begin to peel back the layers on what you have decided to do, the adventure becomes as much about self-discovery as it does about teaching. The country will embrace you. The kids will admire you. The parents will appreciate you. But more than anything you’ll have to embrace, admire, and appreciate yourself to finish a WorldTeach adventure. Allow David Hanna to share with you his honest take on settling into the world of teaching in Chile. — I feel like I am connected to…

Settling into a Host Community in Chile

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In February, new WorldTeach volunteers arrived in Chile where they were quickly immersed in orientation and teacher training. Read on to hear about David Hanna’s experience settling into his host family and his first week of teaching in Chile… I feel like I am connected to the world again!  I have a permanent internet solution.   Who knew that trying to figure out cell phones and internet would be such a task?  But I have a phone again and internet on my laptop, which is a pay as you go plan.  I have to go to the local mini-market or liquor store to put more money on my phone or internet stick.  While getting my internet fix, one of the…

A Birthday Surprise in Chile!

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Megan McDonough has been teaching English through WorldTeach since July. Recently, she celebrated her birthday and was delighted to discover that her students had planned a surprise for her, complete with food, balloons, and flowers! In her blog, she shares this great story, along with a few others about her experience teaching in Paihuano! Happy birthday, Megan!     Last week was my birthday. I celebrated twice with the other volunteers(once in their home and the other in La Serena), but I wasn’t expecting to celebrate much in school because not many people at my schools knew that it was my birthday. One of the teachers at my school in Diaguitas did though and he apparently told not only his…

Teaching (& Learning) in Chile

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WorldTeach volunteer Meghan McDonough is settling in and adjusting to Chilean culture. Take a look at what Meghan has learned thus far on her trip. From Chilean slang to the far too commonly observed “PDAs,” Meghan shows us the cultural subtleties that make volunteering abroad so different and exciting.   I figured that I should post this since I just taught my first solo English class to adults during orientation today. It went really well by the way. I taught them about present continuous today. Since I am in the teaching mood I thought I would teach you some of the things that I have learned recently.     Over the past week I have learned:   – To eat…

“If I Could Change the World…”

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Kids may say the darndest things, but sometimes they are simply spot on. Lauren Phillips, a WorldTeach Chile volunteer, asked her students to finish the sentence “If I could change the world…” and got some inspiring responses. Read on to see what her 6th-12th graders answered.     This is a list compiled from my 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. I explained the prompt: “If I could change the world…” and here’s what they came up with:   – I would turn the sky orange and purple. – everyone would have a home. – no one would go to bed hungry. – there would be more beautiful boys and less ugly ones. – there would be more respect for…

WorldTeach Chile Radio

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Eva, a WorldTeach Chile volunteer who just finished her 9-month service this week, created an NPR-like radio show with her extra-curricular students at her elementary school with the help of her father, who has a radio station in Tennessee. He is going to air the show publicly on their local station and we were given the opportunity to air it here for you. Take a listen!       Read more about Chile See all WorldTeach Blog posts

The State of Education in Chile

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Monica, a WorldTeach Chile volunteer, offers some insights on the state of education in Chile and the similarities and differences to the US.   During the time I have been here, Chile’s educational system has been in a state of change. Passionate students, teachers, and citizens have taken to the streets to protest the quality and cost of education in Chile, advocating for educational reform; for better quality and free public education.     The public education available to Chilean students (like the municipal schools that I taught in) is mediocre at best. The public schools are underfunded, under-resourced, and poorly managed. Though it is considered one of South America’s most stable and prosperous nations, Chile is a country with…

Giving, and Looking, Back

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Kristy Hui, who has just recently returned from the WorldTeach Chile Semester program, shares reflections on her experience and the rewards of an independent fundraising initiative. Welcome home, Kristy!!     Two things that I had never done before WorldTeach: live in a foreign country where I didn’t know the language, and fundraise for a project independently. I was able to accomplish both through being a part of WorldTeach this year, and I am very grateful. I was a volunteer in the WorldTeach Chile Semester 2010 program and taught English to an amazing group of 7th to 12th grade girls for 4 months. I was placed in Colegio Republica de Columbia, an all-girls public school in Viña del Mar. Although…