Sook San Wan Valentine!

Posted by Heather Tang in Thailand

Haley Boone shares her heartwarming reflections on Valentine’s Day from her placement in Nakhon Phanom province…   Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of the holiday, I thought I’d make a list of the things that I love most about my life here in Thailand. I’m not sure my heart could possibly be happier… I think I love my life here more and more everyday. Here are just a few reasons that I love this place:         These are just a few things that have me feeling all warm and fuzzy on this Valentine’s Day. I hope that yours back home is wonderful… enjoy the snow that I am missing!   Read more about Thailand See all WorldTeach…

Teaching the Teacher: Cooking Lessons

Posted by Heather Tang in China

Jolie Lee, a year-long volunteer in China, writes about receiving a cooking lesson from some of her teenaged students at her teacher’s apartment! Jolie, a Northwestern graduate who worked as a reporter in Chicago prior to serving with WorldTeach, is teaching Middle School in a town called Lengshuijiang, or “Cold Water River”, located about four hours south of Changsha in Hunan Province.   I wouldn’t say I am a bad cook — just an infrequent one. I cook a few things and I cook them well, but my repertoire is very limited. When I told my students that the main dish I make is fried rice, they immediately offered to whip up a meal for me. Teach the teacher. I…

The Friendliest People in the Pacific

Posted by Heather Tang in Marshall Islands

Marci McPhee, currently on a leave of absence from Brandeis University, reflects on the deep culture of sharing that she has encountered during her time as a WorldTeach volunteer in the Marshall Islands and the lessons that it has taught her even as the blurred lines between “sharing” and “cheating” present a challenge to her work in the classroom.     “When you live on a small island that is sometimes no wider than the road you are walking on, and at high tide only inches above sea level, your only two choices are to change the way you think and live, or go home.” – Jack Niedenthal, For the Good of Mankind: A History of the People of Bikini…