Arriving in Micronesa

Posted by Heather Tang in Micronesia

WorldTeach volunteer Diana Rowe just recently arrived in Micronesia to begin a year of teaching. Diana’s passion for volunteering is strong, and her pre-teaching jitters are completely normal. Take a look at what Diana has been up to lately and how she has been preparing for her Micronesian teaching debut! We know she’ll do a great job!     I’m finally here on Kosrae, Micronesia- a sliver of a very remote, disconnected island. There is a sense here that if the world were to end, Kosrae would be halfway into oblivion before any fair warning stumbled its way. Take a five minute stroll down the single, palm-tree shaded road circling the island and you’ll find that Kosrae’s existence seems to…

Do What You Love

Posted by WTTech in Tanzania

As our Tanzania volunteers prepare to depart, Marisa Ranieri is already getting excited. Her blog,, is updated on a regular basis. In this post she explains why she decided to teach in Tanzania.   “We must do what we absolutely love, or we run the risk of doing nothing at all”   I saw this on a postcard while visiting my grandparents in Bradenton, Florida and it hit me. In less than 20 words, a postcard had summarized WHY I want to leave my friends, family and the security of warm, running water to teach in Tanzania. If four years in college taught me anything, it’s that I’m pretty much not sure about everything. The things I am sure…

The Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer in Guyana

Posted by Heather Tang in Guyana

WorldTeach volunteer Erin Dunnington just spent a year volunteering in Guyana. In her blog she lists her personal top ten things about Port Kaituma, the town she has called home during her time of service. Erin’s number one thing about her Guyana placement is her students; forging bonds with students is the greatest perk of being a WorldTeach volunteer. Read the rest of Erin’s top ten things about Port Kaituma below!   Port Kaituma, Guyana Top Ten: 10. Walking down the street and knowing every other person by name (miners excluded). 9. Music from the ball field that rattles my windows and shakes my bed until 4am on school nights. Party, party, party. 8. Cute children everywhere I turn and…

“…this country is a big family that has adopted me.”

Posted by Heather Tang in Marshall Islands

WorldTeach volunteer Justin Behravesh recently returned to the United States from his year long volunteer experience in the Marshall Islands. In his final blog post, Justin shows us just how close volunteers can grow to the communities and people of the nations that they serve in. Take a look at Justin’s blog post and see how he spent his last days on the Marshall Islands – and more importantly, how his journey has changed him as a person.     This will be my last blog entry.   The capital island of Majuro, for all of its pollution, traffic, and its expensive nature, has some charm to it. When I found myself missing Jabor and my host family this past…

Life Through the Eyes of Chinese Middle School Students

Posted by Heather Tang in China

WorldTeach volunteer Lisa Shen recently asked her Chinese students what life means to them. Check out Lisa’s great story and the responses from her students who are quickly learning the English language!   Recently, my school changed all the Junior 3 classes around in preparation for the 中考 (Zhongkao, otherwise known as the test that decides where you will go to high school). About 150 students decided to forgo the test and stay at CFLS for their high school education. The rest of the grade had to buckle down and start studying even more. The students that decided to stay were placed in 3 classes called Helicopter classes, where they will begin studying Senior 1 material. I was told I…

Adjusting to Life in Brzeznica, Poland

Posted by Heather Tang in Poland

WorldTeach Poland is perhaps one of our organization’s most unique programs. Currently, Poland is the only European nation that WorldTeach has an educational partnership in. Volunteer Lexi Pollard has seized this incredible opportunity and is spending her summer teaching English in the Polish village known as Brzeznica. Take a look at what Lexi has had to say about her first few days adjusting to Polish culture!     Friday 6/29: Today was tough for me adjusting to the country still, and to a new family. However, my host family is so welcoming and kind, it’s hard not to enjoy myself here. I am in Brzeznica, which is quaint with country style homes and little markets. As much as I loved…

Final Days in Guyana

Posted by Heather Tang in Guyana

WorldTeach volunteer Samuel Lindauer’s time is coming to a close in Guyana. In his most recent blog post, Samuel shows us how close he has grown to the Guyanese people and community. See how Samuel is spending his last days in Guyana!   We’re in to end of year exams now — this is the beginning of the end for real now. I’ve been writing the new schemes for the fall term, probably to be used by the new volunteers that will be here in a few months. I came in to school on the last Friday of class and was overwhelmed by the several students in tears. I gave Elain a hug and held her hand — she was…

More Than Just Surviving

Posted by Heather Tang in Costa Rica

Sara Eckstein has just recently reached the halfway mark in her time as a volunteer in Costa Rica. This milestone has caused Sara to experience a wealth of different emotions. In her recent blogpost, Sara notes the memorable experiences that she “could not have anticipated even if [she] wanted to.” Her passion for teaching and experiencing foreign cultures is undeniable; according to Sara: “To everyone else in Curré, this is life. But to me, it’s unexpected and exciting.” Check out what else Sara has to say about her time in Costa Rica thus far!     On this day in Rey Curré, I noticed that half a year just went by. The good news is that half a year remains….

Leaving Micronesia Behind

Posted by Heather Tang in Micronesia

WorldTeach volunteer Mike Hilbert spent his past year teaching in Pohnpei, Micronesia. To say he has fallen in love with the people, culture, and environment of Pohnpei is an understatement. Take a look at his heartfelt goodbye to Micronesia, and discover the lasting impact that volunteering with WorldTeach can provide. Mike, we are so glad you made the most of your experience; thanks for being an incredible volunteer!   I’m sitting in Pohnpei International Airport on June 12th 2012, about to board a plane that will eventually take me back to the ‘real world’. It’s not exactly where I thought I’d be eight years ago today, or even two years ago, but it’s where I find myself now. Goodbye was…

Adventuras en Ecuador

Posted by Heather Tang in Ecuador

“I find it impossible to capture more than a glimpse of my experience in words”   Wise words from our Ecuador volunteer Rachel Brylawski. In her most recent blog post, Rachel reflects on her initial experiences teaching in Ecuador, the time spent with her host family, and what she hopes to achieve in her remaining time abroad. Learn more from Rachel about volunteering abroad and the emotions that come along with it! Read her full post below:   It doesn’t seem possible that June is just a few days away, and with it the start of a new cycle of classes. I find myself once again caught between excitement and trepidation… will I be able to improve my teaching next…