The participation cost for your program may seem daunting, but don’t fear! If you approach fundraising from the view that you are not raising funds for yourself, but rather for the benefit of your future students, you’ll find it a much easier, more enjoyable task. It becomes an opportunity to energize others about your upcoming experience and to educate them about needs in the developing world.

A simple way to kick off your fundraising is by creating a free fundraising webpage. YouCaring is a compassionate, service-oriented crowd funding platform where your fundraising is done on behalf of the students and communities you’ll serve with WorldTeach. It’s as easy as creating a page detailing your work and sharing it with friends and family via social media and email. Click here to get started. Fundraising takes time and careful planning, so WorldTeach has prepared this Fundraising Guide to help you through the process. The Guide provides suggestions on how to determine your fundraising goal, how to approach donors, how to organize successful activities and events, and sample appeal letters.

“Fundraising ended up being one of the most rewarding aspects of my experience in Ecuador. For one, it enabled me to educate my community back home about the development issues faced by a small South American country that otherwise would never have reached their radar screen. Secondly, it turned out to be something I could market once I returned: not only did I volunteer in Ecuador for a year, but I fundraised my way there. Now that I work in the non-profit sector, having that fundraising background has proven to be very marketable.”

Former WorldTeach Volunteer, Ecuador

WorldTeach Guide to Fundraising

Click the guide to read more details about fundraising in our WorldTeach Fundraising Guide.


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