Funding Model





Please keep in mind that our older volunteers are required to pay an additional insurance premium that is passed on directly from the insurance company. For volunteers age 50-64 on the day of departure, this charge is $120 per month abroad. For volunteers age 65-74 on the day of departure, this charge is $360 per month abroad. We regret that our insurance carrier will not cover volunteers over the age of 74, so we are unable to accept any applicant who will turn 75 or older before the program start date.


Our summer programs involve the same level of comprehensive logistical coordination and volunteer support as our long-term programs, and consequently, despite the shorter time period, the volunteer commitment has to be nearly the same as that of our long-term programs. The main difference in the overall cost of summer programs is that our in-country partners do not subsidize the program due to the short time commitment.


As an independent non-profit organization, WorldTeach receives no funding from the US government and no significant sustained funding from other sources. WorldTeach has a small permanent staff and consistently aims to keep costs down, while also providing the highest quality service and support to both our volunteers and the host countries.
At WorldTeach, 96% of our budget is spent on programmatic expenses, while only 4% is spent on general and administrative expenses. As a non-profit organization, we are as cost-conscious as possible. For the full breakdown of WorldTeach expenditures, click here.

WorldTeach and partner organizations offer Grants & Fellowships, as well as fundraising support.