What is the real impact of a WorldTeach volunteer? It differs in each classroom, school, community, and country. Each volunteer defines him or herself differently, and shapes their year of service exactly how they want it to be. They may arrive to the country not knowing what that experience will look like, or what connections will be made, but with the help of their new communities, they dig their own path.
Mariah Parker, who is currently teaching in Guyana, realized she wanted to leave a impact on her new community that would exist after her departure. Read excerpts below from her blog as she tracks the progress of an unexpected project that will definitely add to her legacy in Guyana.
How will you make your everlasting impression?

My Everlasting Impression

During orientation at the beginning of our journey, WorldTeach told us to make an everlasting impact on our school or community. I have started to think, now that my time here is over half way past, how will this community remember me. Will they say “oh she was an amazing person who did all she could do” or “she came, she taught, she left” or maybe “she was good” but only after prompting! And through this, I realized I truly wanted to be remembered and even further, I want to bring a smile to the face of the person speaking of me! Now, there are several ways I could go about doing this, some less appealing than the other, and then Hallie had an idea! We would create a library for a dorm children!
We both assumed they either couldn’t read or couldn’t be bothered to read over the option of flirting. BUT you give them a book with an interesting plot line and a good message, they devour it! Holes was the book Hallie gave her students and they are so inspired and intrigued! That inspired and empowered us to help them! We are asking for book donations (or monetary for shipping) to stock the shelves with books that will entertain and help curve their love of reading. Two boys are reading the only two paperbacks I own and they are quickly making there way through them! Mom and Grammy have a list of book ideas, I stress ideas, and please talk to them for details!

Library update I

After receiving 2 boxes (one from my side one from Hallie’s side) the WorldTeach library has officially begun!! We have over 50 books with soooo many more on the way!! It’s odd to think this started a few months ago as an idea! Hallie and I thought we would get a few books (I personally thought 50 would be huge) and that would be that! BUT it wasn’t just a silly idea…it apparently was an inspiration of good deeds because we have 50 books in just 2 boxes. My Grammy put on a book drive as did Hallie’s aunt, family friends are sending boxes from both sides! I can’t even imagine how many books we are bringing to the students! Thank you all so much!!

Library update II

OH!! Our library now has 158 books with more on the way!!! The kids are really enjoying them!
– Mariah Parker, WorldTeach Guyana 2013-2014
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