Continuing to Make an Impact

Since 1986, WorldTeach has enjoyed the privilege of establishing international partnerships, and supporting volunteers in a joint effort to build the capacity of schools across the globe. As a result of volunteers’ dedication, our programs have served millions of students throughout Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Pacific. Building from their experiences, our alumni community of over 7,000 continues their commitment to service by doing good in all corners of the world.

The WorldTeach experience cultivates a diverse skill set, fostering intercultural competency and providing a grassroots-level perspective on international development.   Our alumni have gone on to serve as congressmen and ambassadors (Mark Green, Kenya 1987), social entrepreneurs (Alexis Miesen, Namibia 1999, 2000) and magazine editors (Stephanie Meade, Ecuador 1998).

What do our alumni value? Where do they work? What professional and transferable skills do they gain during their WorldTeach experience? Find out below.

Who are the alumni of WorldTeach infographic

TEFL Certification for WorldTeach Alumni

All WorldTeach alums have the opportunity to earn a TEFL certification retroactively through WorldTeach. Please see below for more information or click here to learn more about the WorldTeach TEFL certification program.

To register for the WorldTeach TEFL program, please email for more details and to get started.

COST: $395

REQUIREMENTS: WorldTeach alum (verification of completion of service), complete online portion of TEFL course within six months of registration

COURSE COMPLETION: TEFL Certificate will be emailed as a PDF. The certificate is dependent on your length of service. Please reference the chart below for your already completed hours based upon program type.

Duration   Year Semester    Summer
Total Training   150 hours 150 hours 130 hours
Practicum   25 hours 25 hours 25 hours
Independent Engagement in Educational Setting   700 hours 400 hours 200 hours
As a trained and certified teacher, prior to my WorldTeach year in Guyana I felt I was ready to handle all the potential challenges that would come my way in the classroom. Having recently completed the WorldTeach TEFL program I was so pleased by the variety of topics discussed that were never taught in my teacher training at my university. The WorldTeach TEFL program would greatly benefit all volunteers in the field, both in classroom and community situations.
- 2006 WorldTeach Guyana alum Kandice Kohler-Tibuni

Career Coaching – Jennifer Rohrich (Ecuador ’02)

Are you transitioning back home after your WorldTeach time of service? Take some time to think about your future with Jennifer Rohrich, Worldteach Ecuador alumna, and career coach. She is offering a “free coaching call” to assist those who are in a transitional place in their careers and/ or lives. Check out her website at and begin visioning your future today!

Jennifer has already worked with more than 35 WorldTeach alumni.  Check out some of their testimonials below: