Alumni Ambassadors

WorldTeach alumni are our most important resource to speak about the organization by sharing stories and experiences with future volunteers throughout the world. With more than 7,000 alumni, they represent us at colleges, fairs, panels, classes, webinars and as program liaisons for potential volunteers to connect with and speak to before they make their final decision. In 2015-16, we’ve had more than 30 alumni represent WorldTeach throughout the world at outreach events. Thanks to all of you for being WorldTeach ambassadors.

In 2016, WorldTeach began a University Ambassador initiative. This connects an alum of both a specific university and WorldTeach with potential volunteers from the University Ambassador’s university, creating a personal resource for the student. Interested in becoming a WorldTeach University Ambassador? Click here to find out how.

WorldTeach University Ambassador Brette Ragland (Bangladesh ’14) of Brown

WorldTeach University Ambassador Marybeth Arcodia (Micronesia ’14) of Georgetown

WorldTeach University Ambassador Natalie Nimmer (RMI ’12) of The University of Hawaii

WorldTeach University Ambassador Kimberly Little (American Samoa ’08) of North Carolina State University 

WorldTeach University Ambassador Chelsea Reist (Tanzania ’14) of Simon Fraser University

WorldTeach University Ambassador Mark Matsuura (Tanzania ’14) of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

For more information on our WorldTeach alumni, click here