WorldTeach Poland is perhaps one of our organization’s most unique programs. Currently, Poland is the only European nation that WorldTeach has an educational partnership in. Volunteer Lexi Pollard has seized this incredible opportunity and is spending her summer teaching English in the Polish village known as Brzeznica. Take a look at what Lexi has had to say about her first few days adjusting to Polish culture!


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Friday 6/29:

Today was tough for me adjusting to the country still, and to a new family. However, my host family is so welcoming and kind, it’s hard not to enjoy myself here. I am in Brzeznica, which is quaint with country style homes and little markets. As much as I loved Krakow, it’s nice to be immersed in nature.


Sat 6/30

My lovely host family took me to the salt mines in Wieliczka. It was definitely a cool experience. I also saw where the Italian team stayed for the Euro Cup! I also played volleyball with my host siblings, which was so much fun, with the Polish countryside as my view.


Sun 7/1

I watched the Euro cup in Europe! Haha, Poles love their football so it was lovely to eat lots of fruit and watch the game. My family had more relatives over for a BBQ, and I was invited to a Polish wedding in August! I am so excited. My host dad said it is an honor to be invited, and that I will be a special American guest…ah.


Mon 7/2

Today I had my first 3 classes…and I am exhausted! My first class only had 4 students, between the ages of 13 and 14. I started with basic English, and one boy surprised me with how fluent he was! The second class was with the little ones, who are adorable, but know little English. I played a Mickey Mouse cartoon, and one boy hid under a desk and said he “hates” the show. So, that was a road block. It was tough to try to give directions since I am probably the first exposure as a native English speaker to them. A bee flew in the room, which was such a distraction to them, that I had to start playing “Lexi says” (instead of Simon says”) to quiet them down. My last group was quite fun, they ranged from ages 8-12, and we passed around a volleyball, asking each other questions about what we like to do. One girl said her favorite song is “Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO. It was the most English she spoke all day and I laughed so loud, the kids stared at me. I also brought in a little stuffed bear, which the little girls adore.


I had a rough start, but I survived, and I know my lessons can only get better from here.


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