See the ongoing progress WorldTeach volunteer Emily Leazer has made creating a school computer lab in Namibia!


January 20, 2013: Emily mentions her first project for the school’s few existing computers…internet!


“On Fridays I only teach 3 classes so most of the morning I spent getting to know the staff and mingling with the students during the break. It was so fun to walk up to them and watch them look at each other and giggle then say ‘Hello miss’ very shyly. My first few classes were mostly introductions and discussing class rules but Monday I will begin officially teaching. My school has a small library and I have been put on the library committee so I will be hard at work this year helping to improve that for the learners. There are a couple of computers in the staff room but no internet, which is another goal of mine for the year. The principal is very interested in acquiring internet for the school so hopefully we will be able to put together funds for this. In addition to teaching English I will also be teaching a couple of classes called Basic Information Sciences, where I will teach them about technology and research, which is why internet will be crucial. As the projects I hope to take on become more concrete, I will probably be looking to do some fundraising back home, so stay tuned for more on that.”


March 25, 2013: Only two months after first mentioning her school computers (or lack thereof), Emily has begun creating a computer lab to soon be filled with 20 donated laptops!


“It’s hard to sum up several weeks in one post so I’ll try to touch on some of the highlights. Probably the most exciting thing I have to share is the progress I am making on creating a computer lab at my school. Thanks to the incredible generosity of many of you back home, my school is going to be receiving 20 laptop computers. For a school that currently has three outdated desktops and no internet, this is a game changer. The principal, teachers and learners are all extremely excited and cannot wait to get their hands on these computers. Fortunately, there is an unused classroom at our school that the principal is letting me use to turn into a computer lab. However this will require some renovations. Thanks to some friends of friends here, I have been able to acquire some free paint for the classroom. Within the next couple of weeks we will be painting, laying down some flooring, installing burglar bars and hanging blinds for our soon-to-be computer lab. The principal suggested I choose a few learners to be my helpers/assistants for this project. As to be expected, I had dozens of them asking me to be a part of this so to narrow down to a few dedicated ones, I’ve created an application process for them. The goal behind this is also to familiarize them with what it’s like to fill out an application, be interviewed, etc. Time is really starting to fly here and term one is already winding down. My goal is to have the room ready before we leave for holiday in mid-April, which means I’m going to be very busy so the posts may remain few and far between for a bit longer…”


April 12, 2013: The first picture of the new computer lab is posted under the title, “Caution, Wet Paint!”




“As the term is winding down, I’ve been very busy working to get this computer lab ready before we leave for May holiday. Here are a few pictures of our painting in progress last weekend. I’ll post some of the finished paint job later this weekend. This weekend’s task is laying vinyl flooring…should be interesting. More photos to come…”


April 21, 2013: Progress made by Emily and members of her host community!




May 21, 2013: As Emily writes, “ALMOST DONE!”


“After about six weeks of hard work, the computer lab is almost open for business! The tables and computers are being put in over the next couple of days. Pictures of the finished project to come soon. A huge thanks to everyone who has played a role in this project but just to name a few: My amazing parents and grandparents who have provided support both financially and emotionally, the FSI computer department for their help getting the computers together and ready to be sent, Bill Hudson, whom I’ve never met, yet was generous enough to donate 11 of the laptops we received, all of the friends and family who have donated money to help with this and other projects, Kristin and Johnny for their help painting and hanging blinds and Jan for truly pouring in the blood, sweat and tears with me to get this classroom ready to go. I COULD NOT have done any of this without all of your love and help. You will never know how much this means to my school and how much this has the potential to truly impact the futures of these kids.”




– Emily Leazer, WorldTeach Namibia ’12-’13


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